Confessions of a Vintage Jazz Record Collector, Part 2

While I have never felt apologetic about my sincere adoration for music, sometimes I do struggle with feelings of guilt related to how important collecting is to me. I spend a lot of time thinking about and partaking in this hobby, and my propensity toward anxiety and obsession has made my active participation … More→

Shellac Spotlight: Louis Armstrong & His Hot Seven, “Willie the Weeper” / “Alligator Crawl” (Okeh 8482)

Original 1927 pressing Personnel: Louis Armstrong, cornet Johnny Dodds, clarinet John Thomas, trombone Lil Hardin Armstrong, piano Johnny St. Cyr, guitar Pete Briggs, tuba Baby Dodds, drums Recorded May 7 and May 10, 1927 at Okeh Studios, Chicago Selections: “Willie the Weeper” (Melrose-Bloom) “Alligator Crawl” (Waller) So far, Deep Groove Mono’s coverage of … More→

Jazz Collectors of Instagram: Interview with @gstvinyl

Wrapping up the second season of Instagram interviews with our fourth and final episode, we turn to a West Coast collector with an early presence in the online jazz community. As a result, I have long had a ton of respect for @gstvinyl or just “GST”, a humble collector with a deep collection … More→

Jazz Collectors of Instagram: Interview with @araggywaltz

If vintage jazz record collecting were a contest where collectors set out to prove just how much the act of collecting really is “about the music” and not about the object, Tarik a.k.a. @araggywaltz wins, by a long shot. I’m sure many of us could admit that collecting feels slightly competitive at times … More→