Jazz Collectors of Instagram: Interview with @tallswami

With summer drawing to a close, so does this initial run of Deep Groove Mono’s Jazz Collectors of Instagram. It seems fitting to conclude the series with an established veteran, Clifford Allen a.k.a. @tallswami. I originally came to know of Clifford through his comments and contributions to JazzCollector.com. From there, … More→

Jazz Collectors of Instagram: Interview with @what_can_brown

Fittingly coming off the tail of @jazz_peasant’s recent interview, I bring you another refreshingly honest convo, this time with Christopher Brown a.k.a. @what_can_brown. Chris brigs us yet another unique insight into the art of jazz record collecting. Chris does most of his buying online and has plenty of advice to … More→

Jazz Collectors of Instagram: Interview with @jazz_peasant

Well folks, based on feedback I have recently received about the Heavyweights of Instagram series, I’ve decided to rename the series simply “Jazz Collectors of Instagram”. The series is intended to provide insight into some of the jazz collectors I follow on IG, not to make an outrageous claim about … More→

Jazz Collectors of Instagram: Interview with @spencers_spins

For our next installment of Jazz Collectors of Instagram, I thought I’d switch things up by throwing in a collector who has managed to put together an impressive collection in a rather short period of time. Though Spencer a.k.a. @spencers_spins has only been serious about collecting vintage jazz records for … More→

Vinyl Spotlight: Olio (Prestige 7084) Original Pressing

It’s rare that I hang on to a record in VG condition, but this record has a couple things working for it: 1. Despite the pops and ticks, it has no groove wear, 2. I got it for (the vintage jazz record collecting equivalent of) a dollar bin price, and 3. The music and performances are both spectacular. Like my copies of Saxophone ColossusMore→