Call for Original Music to Be Used in DGM’s New Video Blog

Deep Groove Mono is looking for original music to be used in the new Record Collector Confessions video blog series. Ideal candidates own both the copyright and publishing for their content. Stylistic preference is for jazz in the hard bop vein or anything in that remote ballpark. Please get in touch with Rich … More→

Shellac Spotlight: Max Roach Quintet, “Maximum” / James Moody Quartet, “Just Moody” (Blue Note 1570)

There is something to be said about the role exclusivity plays in record collecting and even in music appreciation in general, with this 78 being a prime example. If you’re a collector and you want to preview the songs on this disk, it’s possible to unearth them on YouTube. But you won’t find them on Spotify, and you’ll need to make a considerable… More→

Origins of Bop: Charlie Parker / Miles Davis, “Ah-Leu-Cha”

Welcome to Origins of Bop, a new Deep Groove Mono series that aims to explore the lineage of some of my favorite hard bop recordings. I have always been interested in music history, and with jazz, that has meant finding out more about where my favorite compositions came from. This series is therefore intended to provide some backstory… More→

RVG Legacy: Preserving the Legacy of Rudy Van Gelder

It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of RVG Legacy, a new website dedicated to preserving the legacy of Rudy Van Gelder. Since the pandemic has taken away all opportunities for me to give my presentation on Rudy in person, I decided to build a website that would essentially deliver all the content of my talk virtually. In the spring I wrote the narrative, then over the summer I put everything together and developed the site. More→