Jazz Collectors of Instagram: Interview with @dottorjazz2

Deep Groove Mono is back with another round of collector interviews! We’re kicking things off with a true legend, Italy’s Giorgio Sarchi a.k.a. “Dottor Jazz”. With over five decades of activity, Dott is one of the hobby’s real O.G.’s, and of course he has the jaw-dropping collection to … More→

Deep Groove Mono’s Great 78 Adventure

In my time collecting vintage jazz LPs I have always been curious about jazz from the bebop era, which for the most part was originally released on 78 R.P.M. shellac disks. Listening to digital reissues of music from artists who thrived in the 1940s like Charlie Parker, Thelonious … More→

Vinyl Spotlight: Sonny Rollins, Newk’s Time (Blue Note 4001)

I ignored this album for quite some time for a couple reasons. First, it was primarily comprised of standards and short on originals, but also because the album has rarely been reissued in mono and I kept reading about issues with the consistency of Rollins’ volume level in the stereo mix (apparently caused by the leader’s motion in the studio… More→

Vinyl Spotlight: Curtis Fuller Volume 3 (Blue Note 1583)

My first interaction with Curtis Fuller Volume 3 came when I bought a Japanese reissue at a local record store on a whim. The lineup looked good and I knew it was fairly rare in any format so I decided to take a chance. After an initial round of unfocused listens, I prematurely dismissed the album and sold it locally. Then about a year… More→