Engineering Credits for The Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings’ Core Collection

Below you will find a database with engineering credits and recording locations for the Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings‘ Core Collection albums. The database only contains Core Collection albums in the ninth edition of the book for which it was possible to obtain engineering credits (125 out of 199 albums). For a complete list of Core Collection albums, visit

SOURCES: Rudy Van Gelder’s album credits were sourced from album liner notes and various published discographies. Other engineer credits were mostly sourced from album liner notes via

MISSING ALBUMS: For a number of reasons it was not possible to obtain engineering credits for the entire list. In particular, I was only able to find credits for 3 of the 37 albums containing material recorded prior to 1953. For the remaining 162 albums recorded entirely in 1953 or after, I managed to secure engineering credits for approximately 74% of those albums.*

ALBUMS VS. COMPILATIONS: The Penguin authors elected to focus on modern-day compact disc releases of all the recorded material in their guide. This means that the earliest recordings in the guide are not “albums proper” but compilations of numerous recordings that would have been originally released in pairs on 78 R.P.M. shellac disks. Even for recordings made at the very beginning of the “album era” (roughly 1953 on), the authors still usually give preference to compilations. What this means for this research project is “albums” are sometimes actually compilations with split engineering credits. Additionally, there are numerous “proper albums” in the list that have multiple engineering credits, and the database takes those into account as well.

RECORDING AND MIXING ENGINEERING: In the early days of recording, the act of “mixing” an album was done on-the-fly at the time of recording, usually by the recording engineer and the session producer. With the advent of multitrack recording in the late 1960s, there became a new division of labor in the recording industry, as the responsibility of mixing slowly moved from the recording engineer’s hands into those of a separate engineer specially designated as the “mixing engineer”. Since many of the earliest recording engineers were at least partly responsible for the mixing process, for later albums I have elected to give partial credit to both recording and mixing engineers when both credits are present for an album.

If you have any information regarding engineering credits and/or recording locations for other Core Collection albums, or if you know of any corrections that need to made to the current data, please let me know.

– Rich Capeless, April 12, 2020

* Rudy Van Gelder has claimed he was the first or one of the first engineers to be credited for a commercial release (Van Gelder’s earliest known credit is on the label of a 78 R.P.M. shellac disk issued in late 1951). This study provides evidence of that claim (Doug Hawkins and Harry Smith, the engineers for the earliest recordings in this database, were not credited on the original 78 R.P.M. releases).

1946-47Charlie ParkerCharlie Parker on Dial: The Complete SessionsDialElectro Broadcasting (Glendale, CA), Radio Recorders (LA), C.P. MacGregor (LA), WOR (NYC)Doug Hawkins, Ben Jordan
1947-52Thelonious MonkThe Complete Blue Note RecordingsBlue NoteWOR, Apex (NYC)Doug Hawkins, Harry Smith
1949-51Bud PowellThe Amazing Bud Powell, Vol. 1Blue NoteWOR (NYC)Doug Hawkins
1951-53Bud PowellThe Amazing Bud Powell, Vol. 2Blue NoteWOR (NYC)Doug Hawkins
1953-54Clifford BrownThe Complete Blue Note and Pacific Jazz RecordingsBlue NoteWOR, Audio-Video, Birdland (NYC); Capitol (LA)Rudy Van Gelder, Doug Hawkins, others
1953-55J.J. JohnsonThe Eminent Jay Jay Johnson, Vol. 1Blue NoteWOR (NYC), Van Gelder (Hackensack, NJ)Rudy Van Gelder, Doug Hawkins
1953-55J.J. JohnsonThe Eminent Jay Jay Johnson, Vol. 2Blue NoteWOR (NYC), Van Gelder (Hackensack, NJ)Rudy Van Gelder, Doug Hawkins
1953-55Lars GullinDanny's DreamDragonStockholmBengt Runsten, Gosta Wiholm
1954Art BlakeyA Night at Birdland, Vol. 1Blue NoteBirdland (NYC) [Live]Rudy Van Gelder
1954Art BlakeyA Night at Birdland, Vol. 2Blue NoteBirdland (NYC) [Live]Rudy Van Gelder
1954Ben WebsterMusic for LovingVerveFine Sound (NYC), other NYC venue(s)Bob Fine, others
1954-56Helen MerrillHelen Merrill With Clifford Brown and Gil EvansEmArcyFine Sound (NYC)Bob Fine
1954-55Oscar PettifordNonet & Octet 1954-55BethlehemNYCTom Dowd
1954Sarah VaughanSarah VaughanEmArcyFine Sound (NYC)Bob Fine
1955Lee KonitzWith Warne MarshAtlanticNYCTom Dowd
1955Lennie TristanoLennie TristanoAtlanticTristano Home (New Jersey); Sing-Song Restaurant (NYC) [Live]Tom Dowd
1956Art TatumThe Tatum Group Masterpieces, Vol. 8PabloLos AngelesVal Valentin, Ben Jordan
1956Cecil TaylorJazz AdvanceTransitionBostonStephen Fassett
1956Charles MingusPithecanthropus ErectusAtlanticAudio-Video (NYC)Tom Dowd, Hal Lustig
1956Chris ConnorChris ConnorAtlanticNYCTom Dowd, Bob Dougherty, Frank Abbey
1956Count BasieThe Complete Atomic Mr BasieRouletteCapitol (NYC)Bob Arnold
1956Ella FitzgeraldThe Cole Porter SongbookVerveCapitol (LA)Val Valentin
1956Kenny Dorham'Round About Midnight at the Café BohemiaBlue NoteCafé Bohemia (NYC) [Live]Rudy Van Gelder
1956-60Max RoachAlone TogetherEmArcy, MercuryFine Sound, Nola (NYC); Capitol Studios (LA)Bob Fine, others
1956Sonny RollinsSaxophone ColossusPrestigeVan Gelder (Hackensack, NJ)Rudy Van Gelder
1956Teddy CharlesThe Teddy Charles TentetAtlanticCoastal (NYC)Tom Dowd, Bob Dougherty, Johnny Cue
1956Thelonious MonkBrilliant CornersRiversideReeves (NYC)Jack Higgins
1957Art PepperMeets the Rhythm SectionContemporaryContemporary (LA)Roy DuNann
1957Jimmy SmithGroovin' at Smalls' ParadiseBlue NoteSmalls Paradise (NYC) [Live]Rudy Van Gelder
1957Sonny RollinsA Night at the Village VanguardBlue NoteVillage Vanguard (NYC) [Live]Rudy Van Gelder
1958Ahmad JamalAt the PershingChessPershing Club Chicago (Live)Malcolm Chisholm
1958Julian 'Cannonball' AdderleySomethin' ElseBlue NoteVan Gelder (Hackensack, NJ)Rudy Van Gelder
1958Miles DavisMilestonesColumbia30th Street (NYC)Frank Laico
1959Dave BrubeckTime OutColumbia30th Street (NYC)Fred Plaut
1959Eddie 'Lockjaw' DavisVery SaxyPrestigeVan Gelder (Hackensack, NJ)Rudy Van Gelder
1959Horace SilverBlowin' the Blues AwayBlue NoteVan Gelder (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)Rudy Van Gelder
1959John ColtraneGiant StepsAtlanticAtlantic (NYC)Tom Dowd, Phil Iehle
1959Miles DavisKind of BlueColumbia30th Street (NYC)Fred Plaut
1960Charles MingusCharles Mingus Presents Charles MingusCandidNola (NYC)Bob d'Orelans
1960Freddie HubbardOpen SesameBlue NoteVan Gelder (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)Rudy Van Gelder
1960Gil EvansOut of the CoolImpulseVan Gelder (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)Rudy Van Gelder
1960Max RoachWe Insist! Freedom Now SuiteCandidNola (NYC)Bob d'Orelans
1960Mel TorméMel Tormé Swings Shubert AlleyVerveLAVal Valentin
1960Wes MontgomeryIncredible Jazz GuitarRiversideReeves (NYC)Jack Higgins
1961Benny CarterFurther DefinitionsImpulseNYCJohnny Cue
1961BIll EvansThe Complete Live at the Village Vanguard 1961RiversideVillage Vanguard (NYC) [Live]David Jones
1961-62Grant GreenThe Complete Quartets With Sonny ClarkBlue NoteVan Gelder (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)Rudy Van Gelder
1961Lee KonitzMotionVerveOlmstead (NYC)Dick Olmstead
1961Stan GetzFocusVerveWebster Hall (NYC) [Live], other NYC venue(s)Ray Hall
1962Jackie McLeanLet Freedom RingBlue NoteVan Gelder (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)Rudy Van Gelder
1962Oscar PetersonNight TrainVerveLAVal Valentin
1962Sheila JordanPortrait of SheilaBlue NoteVan Gelder (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)Rudy Van Gelder
1963Dexter GordonOur Man in ParisBlue NoteCBS (Paris)Claude Ermelin
1963Lee MorganThe SidewinderBlue NoteVan Gelder (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)Rudy Van Gelder
1963-68Oscar PetersonGirl Talk/Action/The Way I Really Play/Mellow Mood/Travelin' On/My Favorite InstrumentMPSBrunner-Schwer (Villingen, Germany)Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer
1964Andrew HillPoint of DepartureBlue NoteVan Gelder (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)Rudy Van Gelder
1964Archie SheppFour for TraneImpulseVan Gelder (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)Rudy Van Gelder
1964Eric DolphyOut to LunchBlue NoteVan Gelder (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)Rudy Van Gelder
1964John ColtraneA Love SupremeImpulseVan Gelder (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)Rudy Van Gelder
1964Mose AllisonThe Word From MoseAtlanticNYCPhil Iehle
1964Tony WilliamsLife TimeBlue NoteVan Gelder (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)Rudy Van Gelder
1964Wayne ShorterSpeak No EvilBlue NoteVan Gelder (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)Rudy Van Gelder
1965Larry YoungUnityBlue NoteVan Gelder (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)Rudy Van Gelder
1965Ornette ColemanAt the Golden Circle, Stockholm, Vol. 1Blue NoteGolden Circle (Stockholm) [Live]Rune Andreasson
1965Ornette ColemanAt the Golden Circle, Stockholm, Vol. 2Blue NoteGolden Circle (Stockholm) [Live]Rune Andreasson
1965-67Rahsaan Roland KirkRip, Rig and Panic/Now Please Don't You Cry, Beautiful EdithLimelight, VerveVan Gelder (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)Rudy Van Gelder
1967McCoy TynerThe Real McCoyBlue NoteVan Gelder (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)Rudy Van Gelder
1968McCoy TynerTime for TynerBlue NoteVan Gelder (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)Rudy Van Gelder
1968Sonny CrissSonny's DreamPrestigeLAMickey Crawford
1969Barry HarrisMagnificent!PrestigeRCA (NYC)Paul Goodman
1969Maxine SullivanClose as Pages in a BookMonmouth EvergreenA&R (NYC)Don Hahn
1969Miles DavisIn a Silent WayColumbia30th Street (NYC)Stan Tonkel, Russ Payne
1970Duke EllingtonNew Orleans SuiteAtlanticNational (NYC)Roger Rhodes
1970Thad JonesConsummationBlue NoteA&R (NYC)Don Hahn
1972London Jazz Composers OrchestraOdeECMAllegro (NYC)Tony May
1973Herbie HancockHead HuntersColumbiaWally Heider, Different Fur Trading Co. (San Francisco)Fred Catero, Jeremy Zatkin, Dane Butcher, John Vieira
1973Joe PassVirtuosoPabloMGM (LA)Dennis Sands
1973-74Weather ReportMysterious TravellerColumbiaDevonshire Sound (LA)Ron Malo
1974David LiebmanDrum OdeECMRecord Plant (NYC)Martin Wieland, Jay Messina
1974Gary BurtonHotel HelloECMAengus (Fayville, MA)John Nagy
1974Modern Jazz QuartetThe Complete Last ConcertAtlanticAvery Fisher Hall (NYC)David Hewitt
1975Eberhard WeberYellow FieldsECMTonstudio Bauer (Ludwigsburg, Germany)Martin Wieland
1975Keith JarrettThe Koln ConcertECMOper Koln (Koln, Germany)Martin Wieland
1975Mary Lou WilliamsFree SpiritsSteepleChaseC.I. (NYC)Chuck Irwin, Freddy Hansson
1976Jan GarbarekDisECMTalent Studio (Oslo)Jan Erik Kongshaug
1977AirAir TimeNessaStreeterville (Chicago)Mark Rubenstein
1977Zoot SimsIf I'm LuckyPabloRCA (NYC)Val Valentin
1978Ishmael Wadada Leo SmithDivine LoveECMTonstudio Bauer (Ludwigsburg, Germany)Martin Wieland
1979Arthur BlytheLenox Avenue BreakdownColumbiaMediasound (NYC)Doug Epstein
1979Stéphane GrappelliTivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, DenmarkPabloTivoli Concert Hall (Copenhagen) [Live]Stig Kreutzfeldt
1980Clark TerryMemories of DukePabloGroup IV (LA)Steve Williams
1980Julius HemphillFlat-Out Jump SuiteBlack SaintBarigozzi (Italy)Giancarlo Barigozzi
1980Phil WoodsPhil Woods/Lew TabackinEvidenceChelsea (NYC)Chris Fichera
1981David MurrayHomeBlack SaintRight Track (NYC)David Stone
1983James Blood UlmerOdysseyColumbiaPower Station (NYC)Larry Alexander
1984Mike WestbrookOn Duke's BirthdayHat HutMaisen de la Culture D'Amiens (Amiens, France)Bruno Menny
1985Joe HendersonThe State of the Tenor Volumes One and TwoBlue NoteVillage Vanguard (NYC) [Live]David Baker
1985Wynton MarsalisJ MoodColumbiaRCA (NYC)Tim Geelan
1986Cecil TaylorFor OlimSoul NoteAkademie Der Kunste, Workshop Freie Musik (Berlin) [Live]Jost Gebers
1986Edward VesalaLumiECMFonnivox (Helsinki, Finland)Risto Hemmi
1986Evan ParkerThe Snake DecidesIncusSt, Paul's Church (Oxford, England)Michael Gerzon
1986Ran BlakeThe Short Life of Barbara MonkSoul NoteBlue Ray (Carlisle, MA)Gragg Lunsford, Mark Wessel, Rob Feaster
1989Anthony BraxtonEugeneBlack SaintBeall Concert Hall (Eugene, OR)Mark Gordon
1989Scott HamiltonPlays BalladsConcord JazzA&R (NYC)Michael MacDonald
1990Kenny WheelerMusic for Large and Small EnsemblesECMRainbow (Oslo), CTS (London)Jan Erik Kongshaug
1991Charles GayleTouchin' on TraneFMPHaus der jungen Talente (Berlin)Jost Gebers, Holger Scheurmann
1993Bill FrisellHave a Little FaithElektra NonesuchRPM (NYC)Joe Ferla
1994John SurmanA Biography of the Rev. Absalom DaweECMRainbow (Oslo)Jan Erik Kongshaug
1994Paul BleyTime Will TellECMRainbow (Oslo)Jan Erik Kongshaug
1995Abdullah IbrahimYaronaTiptoeSweet Basil Jazz Club (NYC) [Live]David Baker
1995Paul MotianSound of LoveWinter & WinterVillage Vanguard (NYC) [Live]Joe Ferla
1996Brad MehldauThe Art of the Trio, Vol. 1Warner Bros.Mad Hatter (LA)Bernie Kirsch, James Farber
1996Charlie HadenBeyond the Missouri SkyVerveRight Track, Clinton (NYC)Jay Newland
1996John ScofieldQuietVervePower Station (NYC), Pyramid SoundJames Farber
1996ROVABingoVICTOSharkbite (Oakland, CA)Myles Boisen
1996Tomasz StankoLeosiaECMRainbow (Oslo)Jan Erik Kongshaug
1997Bob BrookmeyerNew Works/CelebrationChallengeBauer (Ludwigsburg, Germany)Carlos Albrecht
1998Dave DouglasConvergenceSoul NoteSound on Sound (NYC)Jon Rosenberg
1999Arne DomnerusFace to FaceDragonStudio 9, Swedish Radio (Stockholm)Rune Andreasson
1999Bobo StensonSerenityECMHageGarden Music Center (Sweden)Ake Linton
2000Sonny RollinsThis Is What I DoMilestoneClinton (NYC)Troy Halderson
2000Warren Vaché2GetherNagel HeyerAmbient (Easton, CT)Michael MacDonald
2004Maria SchneiderConcert in the GardenArtistShareAvatar (NYC)David Baker
2004Roscoe MitchellComposition/Improvisation Nos. 1, 2 & 3ECMMuffathalle (Munchen, Germany)Manfred Eicher, Stefano Amerio
2005Mario PavoneDeez to BluesPlayscapeSystems Two (Brooklyn, NY)Joe Marciano
2006Ron McClureSoft HandsSteepleChaseUnknownJon Rosenberg

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