The Definitive Deep Groove Mono Classic Jazz Album Value Guide


As much as I love collecting vintage jazz records, the truth is that this hobby can be quite challenging. The records can be very difficult to find in great condition, and they can be very expensive for a collector on a budget. Thus a significant commitment of both time and money are required by anyone wanting to partake in the greatest of joys this hobby has to offer.

For those committed to the noble cause of seeking out these records, this guide is intended to provide a broad survey of the market, to help serious collectors on a budget determine where they stand within its spectrum of values, and perhaps to help them develop a long-term collecting strategy involving things like pacing and ordering. While this guide does not serve as a traditional price guide designed to indicate what a record is worth at a particular point in time, it does aim to give collectors a rough idea of each record’s value in relation to other titles of interest. The relative value of each record is indicated by its “holy grail factor”, which is the result of a six-tier rating system (“$” to “$$$$$”, followed by the elite “HG” rating). Only titles with the strongest blend of rarity and demand have been awarded with “holy grail” status. (Click here for Deep Groove Mono’s holy grail album art gallery!) Rest assured that I have brought several years of experience to the task of creating an algorithm for an extensive data set that I believe approximates and categorizes each record’s value as accurately as possible. Please also note that the tier each record falls into is always based on the estimated value of an original mono pressing in near-mint condition.

I encourage collectors of all experience levels to use this guide in a way that will help them find success and happiness in their collecting endeavors. Remember to have fun and enjoy!

– Rich Capeless, October 3, 2014

1955Ad LibADL 6601Jackie McLeanThe New TraditionHG
1957Blue NoteBLP 1530Jutta HippJutta Hipp with Zoot SimsHG
1956Blue NoteBLP 1533Johnny GriffinIntroducing Johnny GriffinHG
1957Blue NoteBLP 1535Kenny DorhamAfro-CubanHG
1956Blue NoteBLP 1536J.R. MonteroseJ.R. MonteroseHG
1956Blue NoteBLP 1538Lee MorganLee Morgan Indeed!HG
1957Blue NoteBLP 1541Lee MorganLee Morgan Sextet (Vol. 2)HG
1957Blue NoteBLP 1550Hank MobleyHank Mobley QuintetHG
1957Blue NoteBLP 1557Lee MorganLee Morgan, Vol. 3HG
1957Blue NoteBLP 1559Johnny GriffinA Blowing SessionHG
1957Blue NoteBLP 1565Cliff JordanCliff JordanHG
1958Blue NoteBLP 1568Hank MobleyHank MobleyHG
1957Blue NoteBLP 1570Sonny ClarkDial S for SonnyHG
1959Blue NoteBLP 1574Hank Mobley & Lee MorganPeckin' TimeHG
1958Blue NoteBLP 1575Lee MorganCity LightsHG
1958Blue NoteBLP 1582Cliff JordanCliff CraftHG
1958Blue NoteBLP 1588Sonny ClarkCool Struttin'HG
1958Blue NoteBLP 1590Lee MorganCandyHG
1961Blue NoteBLP 4037Horace ParlanUs ThreeHG
1960Blue NoteBLP 4041Tina BrooksTrue BlueHG
1956Jazz WestJWLP 8Lawrence MarableTenormanHG
1961JazztimeJT-002Walter Bishop, Jr.Speak LowHG
1959New JazzNJLP 8225Kenny DorhamQuiet KennyHG
1957PrestigePRLP 7134Tommy FlanaganOverseasHG
1957SignalS 1206Red RodneyRed RodneyHG
1964Studio 4SS 100J.R. MonteroseJ.R. Monterose in ActionHG
1956TransitionTRLP 17Donald ByrdByrd Blows on Beacon HillHG
1956TransitionTRLP 20Doug WatkinsWatkins at LargeHG
1955TransitionTRLP 5Donald ByrdByrdHG
1955BethlehemBCP 36Dexter GordonDaddy Plays the Horn$$$$$
1959BethlehemBCP 6045Mal WaldronLeft Alone$$$$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1513Thad JonesDetroit - New York Junction$$$$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1515Jutta HippJutta Hipp at The Hickory House, Vol. 1$$$$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1516Jutta HippJutta Hipp at The Hickory House, Vol. 2$$$$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1517Gil MellePatterns in Jazz$$$$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1524Kenny DorhamRound About Midnight at The Cafe Bohemia$$$$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1527Thad JonesThe Magnificent Thad Jones (Vol. 2)$$$$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1534Paul ChambersWhims of Chambers$$$$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1537Lou DonaldsonLou Donaldson Quartet/Quintet/Sextet$$$$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1540Hank MobleyHank Mobley with Donald Byrd and Lee Morgan$$$$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1543Kenny BurrellKenny Burrell$$$$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1544Hank MobleyHank Mobley and His All Stars$$$$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1545Lou DonaldsonWailing with Lou$$$$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1546Thad JonesThe Magnificent Thad Jones (Vol. 3)$$$$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1549Cliff Jordan & John GilmoreBlowing in from Chicago$$$$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1560Hank MobleyHank Mobley Sextet (Hank)$$$$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1561SabuPalo Congo$$$$$
1958Blue NoteBLP 1564Paul ChambersPaul Chambers Quintet$$$$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1567Curtis FullerThe Opener$$$$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1572Curtis FullerBone and Bari$$$$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1573John JenkinsJohn Jenkins and Kenny Burrell$$$$$
1958Blue NoteBLP 1576Sonny ClarkSonny's Crib$$$$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1577John ColtraneBlue Train$$$$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1578Lee MorganThe Cooker$$$$$
1958Blue NoteBLP 1579Sonny ClarkSonny Clark Trio$$$$$
1958Blue NoteBLP 1580Johnny GriffinThe Congregation$$$$$
1960Blue NoteBLP 1583Curtis FullerCurtis Fuller, Vol. 3$$$$$
1958Blue NoteBLP 1584Louis SmithHere Comes Louis Smith$$$$$
1958Blue NoteBLP 1594Louis SmithSmithville$$$$$
1958Blue NoteBLP 1596Kenny BurrellBlue Lights, Vol. 1$$$$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 1597Kenny BurrellBlue Lights, Vol. 2$$$$$
1959Blue NoteBLP 4006Dizzy ReeceBlues in Trinity$$$$$
1959Blue NoteBLP 4009Bud PowellThe Scene Changes (Vol. 5)$$$$$
1960Blue NoteBLP 4018Walter Davis Jr.Davis Cup$$$$$
1960Blue NoteBLP 4024Jackie McLeanSwing, Swang, Swingin'$$$$$
1960Blue NoteBLP 4031Hank MobleySoul Station$$$$$
1960Blue NoteBLP 4033Dizzy ReeceSoundin' Off$$$$$
1960Blue NoteBLP 4040Freddie HubbardOpen Sesame$$$$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4045Freddie ReddShades of Redd$$$$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4046Duke JordanFlight to Jordan$$$$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4059Kenny DrewUndercurrent$$$$$
1955DooToneDL-207Dexter GordonDexter Blows Hot and Cool$$$$$
1955EmArcyMG 36006Helen MerrillHelen Merrill$$$$$
1960FelstedFL 7512Howard McGheeMusic from "The Connection"$$$$$
1956Imperial9020Sonny CrissGo Man!$$$$$
1956Imperial9024Sonny CrissSonny Criss Plays Cole Porter$$$$$
1957IntroILP 606Art PepperModern Art$$$$$
1959JaroJAM 5004J.R. MonteroseThe Message$$$$$
1956PeriodSPL 1204Sonny RollinsSonny Rollins Plays$$$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7035Jackie McLeanLights Out!$$$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7048Jackie McLean4, 5 and 6$$$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7061Hank MobleyMobley's Message$$$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7068Jackie McLean & Bill HardmanJackie's Pal$$$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7079Sonny RollinsSaxophone Colossus$$$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7082Hank MobleyMobley's 2nd Message$$$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7107Curtis FullerNew Trombone$$$$$
1955ProgressivePLP 1001George WallingtonGeorge Wallington Quintet at The Bohemia$$$$$
1956RiversideRLP 12-224Kenny DrewKenny Drew Trio$$$$$
1961RiversideRLP 12-399Bill EvansWaltz for Debby$$$$$
1960TimeT 70010Sonny ClarkSonny Clark Trio$$$$$
1955TransitionTRLP 6Donald ByrdByrd's Eye View$$$$$
1955Atlantic1220Tony FruscellaTony Fruscella$$$$
1960Atlantic1311John ColtraneGiant Steps$$$$
1955BethlehemBCP 16Hal McKusickHal McKusick$$$$
1960BethlehemBCP 6048Booker ErvinThe Book Cooks$$$$
1960BethlehemBCP 6051Zoot SimsDown Home$$$$
1961BethlehemBCP 6055Howard McGheeDusty Blue$$$$
1960BethlehemBCP 6056Pepper AdamsMotor City Scene$$$$
1961BethlehemBCP 6061Booker LittleBooker Little and Friend$$$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1505J.J. JohnsonThe Eminent Jay Jay Johnson, Vol. 1$$$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1519Herbie NicholsHerbie Nichols Trio$$$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1523Kenny BurrellIntroducing Kenny Burrell$$$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1526Clifford BrownMemorial Album$$$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1542Sonny RollinsSonny Rollins, Vol. 1$$$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1558Sonny RollinsSonny Rollins, Vol. 2$$$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1566Lou DonaldsonSwing and Soul$$$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1569Paul ChambersBass on Top$$$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1581Sonny RollinsA Night at The Village Vanguard$$$$
1958Blue NoteBLP 1587Bennie GreenBack on the Scene$$$$
1958Blue NoteBLP 1591Lou DonaldsonLou Takes Off$$$$
1959Blue NoteBLP 4001Sonny RollinsNewk's Time$$$$
1959Blue NoteBLP 4007Donald ByrdOff to the Races$$$$
1959Blue NoteBLP 4013Jackie McLeanNew Soil$$$$
1959Blue NoteBLP 4019Donald ByrdByrd in Hand$$$$
1960Blue NoteBLP 4021Kenny BurrellOn View at The Five Spot Cafe$$$$
1960Blue NoteBLP 4022Duke PearsonProfile$$$$
1960Blue NoteBLP 4023Dizzy ReeceStar Bright$$$$
1960Blue NoteBLP 4025Lou DonaldsonThe Time Is Right$$$$
1960Blue NoteBLP 4028Horace ParlanMovin' and Groovin'$$$$
1960Blue NoteBLP 4032Sonny RedOut of the Blue$$$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4034Lee MorganLee-Way$$$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4035Duke PearsonTender Feelin's$$$$
1960Blue NoteBLP 4036Lou DonaldsonSunny Side Up$$$$
1960Blue NoteBLP 4038Jackie McLeanCapuchin Swing$$$$
1960Blue NoteBLP 4039Stanley TurrentineLook Out$$$$
1960Blue NoteBLP 4043Horace ParlanSpeakin' My Piece$$$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4047Art TaylorA.T.'s Delight$$$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4048Donald ByrdByrd in Flight$$$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4051Jackie McLeanJackie's Bag$$$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4056Freddie HubbardGoin' Up$$$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4058Hank MobleyRoll Call$$$$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4062Horace ParlanHeadin' South$$$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4063Kenny DorhamWhistle Stop$$$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4074Horace ParlanOn the Spur of the Moment$$$$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4080Hank MobleyWorkout$$$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4083Dexter GordonDexter Calling$$$$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4085Freddie HubbardReady for Freddie$$$$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4089Jackie McLeanA Fickle Sonance$$$$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4091Sonny ClarkLeapin' and Lopin'$$$$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4098Ike QuebecBlue and Sentimental$$$$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4105Ike QuebecIt Might as Well Be Spring$$$$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4115Freddie HubbardHub-Tones$$$$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4133Dexter GordonA Swingin' Affair$$$$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4140Joe HendersonPage One$$$$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4146Dexter GordonOur Man in Paris$$$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4154Grant GreenIdle Moments$$$$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4163Eric DolphyOut to Lunch$$$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4166Joe HendersonIn 'n Out$$$$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4173Wayne ShorterNight Dreamer$$$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4189Joe HendersonInner Urge$$$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4194Wayne ShorterSpeak No Evil$$$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4205Pete La RocaBasra$$$$
1957ContemporaryC 3532Art PepperArt Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section$$$$
1960EpicLA 16012Charlie RouseYeah!$$$$
1961EpicLA 16015Johnny ColesThe Warm Sound$$$$
1956Imperial9006Sonny CrissJazz USA$$$$
1956Jazz WestJWLP 10Art PepperThe Return of Art Pepper$$$$
1955Jazz WestJWLP 4Kenny DrewTalkin' and Walkin'$$$$
1957New JazzNJLP 8207George WallingtonThe New York Scene$$$$
1957New JazzNJLP 8212Jackie McLeanMcLean's Scene$$$$
1957New JazzNJLP 8231Jackie McLeanMakin' the Changes$$$$
1960New JazzNJLP 8236Eric DolphyOutward Bound$$$$
1960New JazzNJLP 8252Eric DolphyOut There$$$$
1957New JazzNJLP 8253Jackie McLeanA Long Drink of the Blues$$$$
1961New JazzNJLP 8260Eric DolphyEric Dolphy at The Five Spot$$$$
1956PeriodSPL 1208Thad JonesMad Thad$$$$
1955PrestigePRLP 7010Elmo HopeMeditations$$$$
1955PrestigePRLP 7014Miles DavisMiles$$$$
1955PrestigePRLP 7018Phil WoodsWoodlore$$$$
1955PrestigePRLP 7020Sonny RollinsWorktime$$$$
1955PrestigePRLP 7021Elmo Hope & Frank FosterHope Meets Foster$$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7025Miles DavisMiles Davis and Horns$$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7026Zoot SimsZoot Sims Quartets$$$$
1954PrestigePRLP 7027Thelonious MonkThelonious Monk Trio$$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7029Sonny RollinsSonny Rollins with the Modern Jazz Quartet$$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7032George WallingtonJazz for the Carriage Trade$$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7038Sonny RollinsSonny Rollins Plus Four$$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7043Elmo HopeInformal Jazz$$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7047Sonny RollinsTenor Madness$$$$
1954PrestigePRLP 7053Thelonious MonkMonk$$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7060Gene AmmonsJammin' with Gene$$$$
1954PrestigePRLP 7075Thelonious Monk & Sonny RollinsThelonious Monk and Sonny Rollins$$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7080Phil Woods & Donald ByrdThe Young Bloods$$$$
1955PrestigePRLP 7085Art Farmer & Gigi GryceWhen Farmer Met Gryce$$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7090Mal WaldronMal-1$$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7098Ray BryantRay Bryant Trio$$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7105John ColtraneColtrane$$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7106Webster YoungFor Lady$$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7111Mal WaldronMal-2$$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7113Red GarlandGroovy$$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7114Jackie McLean & John JenkinsAlto Madness$$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7117Art TaylorTaylor's Wailers$$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7130Red GarlandAll Mornin' Long$$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7135Hal McKusickTriple Exposure$$$$
1958PrestigePRLP 7142John ColtraneSoultrane$$$$
1956RiversideRLP 12-223Bill EvansNew Jazz Conceptions$$$$
1957RiversideRLP 12-254Wynton KellyWynton Kelly$$$$
1958RiversideRLP 12-299Chet BakerChet$$$$
1960RiversideRLP 12-315Bill EvansPortrait in Jazz$$$$
1960RiversideRLP 12-336Blue MitchellBlue's Moods$$$$
1961RiversideRLP 12-351Bill EvansExplorations$$$$
1961RiversideRLP 12-376Bill EvansSunday at The Village Vanguard$$$$
1956SavoyMG 12064Hank MobleyThe Jazz Message of Hank Mobley$$$$
1959SavoyMG 12141Curtis FullerBlues-ette$$$$
1956Argo608Zoot SimsZoot$$$
1956Atlantic1237Charles MingusPithecanthropus Erectus$$$
1957BethlehemBCP 6019Charles MingusEast Coasting$$$
1955Blue NoteBLP 1501Miles DavisMiles Davis, Vol. 1$$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1502Miles DavisMiles Davis, Vol. 2$$$
1955Blue NoteBLP 1503Bud PowellThe Amazing Bud Powell, Vol. 1$$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1504Bud PowellThe Amazing Bud Powell, Vol. 2$$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1506J.J. JohnsonThe Eminent Jay Jay Johnson, Vol. 2$$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1507Jazz Messengers, TheA Night at The Cafe Bohemia with The Jazz Messengers, Vol. 1$$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1508Jazz Messengers, TheA Night at The Cafe Bohemia with The Jazz Messengers, Vol. 2$$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1509Milt JacksonMilt Jackson with The Thelonious Monk Quintet$$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1510Thelonious MonkGenius of Modern Music, Vol. 1$$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1511Thelonious MonkGenius of Modern Music, Vol. 2$$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1512Jimmy SmithA New Sound - A New Star (Vol. 1)$$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1518Horace SilverHorace Silver and the Jazz Messengers$$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1520Horace SilverHorace Silver and Art Blakey-Sabu (Spotlight on Drums)$$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1521Art BlakeyA Night at Birdland, Vol. 1$$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1522Art BlakeyA Night at Birdland, Vol. 2$$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1531Fats NavarroThe Fabulous Fats Navarro, Vol. 1$$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1532Fats NavarroThe Fabulous Fats Navarro, Vol. 2$$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1539Horace Silver6 Pieces of Silver$$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1548Jimmy SmithA Date with Jimmy Smith, Vol. 2$$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1562Horace SilverThe Stylings of Silver$$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1571Bud PowellThe Amazing Bud Powell, Vol. 3 (Bud!)$$$
1958Blue NoteBLP 1589Horace SilverFurther Explorations$$$
1959Blue NoteBLP 1593Lou DonaldsonBlues Walk$$$
1958Blue NoteBLP 1595Cannonball AdderleySomethin' Else$$$
1958Blue NoteBLP 1598Bud PowellTime Waits (Vol. 4)$$$
1958Blue NoteBLP 1599Bennie GreenSoul Stirrin'$$$
1959Blue NoteBLP 4010Bennie GreenWalkin' and Talkin'$$$
1959Blue NoteBLP 4012Lou Donaldson w/The Three SoundsLD+3$$$
1960Blue NoteBLP 4026Donald ByrdFuego$$$
1960Blue NoteBLP 4027Freddie ReddMusic from "The Connection"$$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4049Art BlakeyA Night in Tunisia$$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4053Lou DonaldsonLight-Foot$$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4057Stanley Turrentine w/The Three SoundsBlue Hour$$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4060Donald ByrdDonald Byrd at The Half Note Cafe, Vol. 1$$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4064Grant GreenGrant's First Stand$$$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4067Jackie McLeanBluesnik$$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4068Baby Face WilletteFace to Face$$$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4070Stanley TurrentineUp at Minton's, Vol. 2$$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4071Grant GreenGreen Street$$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4073Freddie HubbardHub Cap$$$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4075Donald ByrdThe Cat Walk$$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4077Dexter GordonDoin' Allright$$$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4082Horace ParlanUp and Down$$$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4084Baby Face WilletteStop and Listen$$$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4086Grant GreenGrantstand$$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4090Art BlakeyMosaic$$$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4092Kenny ClarkeThe Golden Eight$$$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4093Ike QuebecHeavy Soul$$$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4094Fred JacksonHootin' 'n Tootin'$$$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4099Grant GreenSunday Mornin'$$$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4101Donald ByrdRoyal Flush$$$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4107Don WilkersonPreach Brother$$$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4109Herbie HancockTakin' Off$$$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4111Grant GreenThe Latin Bit$$$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4112Dexter GordonGo$$$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4114Ike QuebecSoul Samba$$$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4119Charlie RouseBossa Nova Bacchanal$$$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4121Don WilkersonElder Don$$$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4123Kenny BurrellMidnight Blue$$$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4126Herbie HancockMy Point of View$$$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4127Kenny DorhamUna Mas$$$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4130John PattonAlong Came John$$$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4132Grant GreenFeelin' the Spirit$$$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4138Harold VickSteppin' Out$$$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4139Grant GreenAm I Blue$$$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4144Johnny ColesLittle Johnny C$$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4145Don WilkersonShoutin'$$$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4147Herbie HancockInventions and Dimensions$$$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4149Hank MobleyNo Room for Squares$$$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4151Andrew HillBlack Fire$$$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4152Joe HendersonOur Thing$$$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4153Grachan Moncur IIIEvolution$$$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4158Freddie RoachGood Move$$$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4165Jackie McLeanDestination Out$$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4167Andrew HillPoint of Departure$$$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4172Freddie HubbardBreaking Point$$$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4175Herbie HancockEmpyrean Isles$$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4176Dexter GordonOne Flight Up$$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4177Grachan Moncur IIISome Other Stuff$$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4178Blue MitchellThe Thing to Do$$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4179Jackie McLeanIt's Time$$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4181Kenny DorhamTrompeta Toccata$$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4182Wayne ShorterJuju$$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4183Grant GreenTalkin' About$$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4184Sam RiversFuchsia Swing Song$$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4186Hank MobleyThe Turnaround$$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4187Larry YoungInto Somethin'$$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4195Herbie HancockMaiden Voyage$$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4204Dexter GordonGettin' Around$$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4206Sam RiversContours$$$
1966Blue NoteBLP 4209Hank MobleyDippin'$$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4218Jackie McLeanAction$$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4219Wayne ShorterThe All Seeing Eye$$$
1966Blue NoteBLP 4221Larry YoungUnity$$$
1967Blue NoteBLP 4231Bobby HutchersonHappenings$$$
1962Blue NoteBLP 9002Sheila JordanPortrait of Sheila$$$
1961CandidCJM 8027Booker LittleOut Front$$$
1959ColumbiaCL 1355Miles DavisKind of Blue$$$
1957ContemporaryC 3530Sonny RollinsWay Out West$$$
1955EmArcyMG 36004Sarah VaughanSarah Vaughan$$$
1955EmArcyMG 36005Clifford BrownClifford Brown with Strings$$$
1955EmArcyMG 36037Clifford Brown & Max RoachStudy in Brown$$$
1961ImpulseA-05Oliver NelsonThe Blues and the Abstract Truth$$$
1962ImpulseA-23Roy HaynesOut of the Afternoon$$$
1962ImpulseA-32John ColtraneBallads$$$
1964ImpulseA-77John ColtraneA Love Supreme$$$
1956Jazz WestJWLP 7Paul ChambersA Jazz Delegation from the East$$$
1958New JazzNJLP 8201Mal WaldronMal-3$$$
1956New JazzNJLP 8203Art FarmerFarmer's Market$$$
1958New JazzNJLP 8205Jerome RichardsonMidnight Oil$$$
1958New JazzNJLP 8206Steve LacyReflections$$$
1958New JazzNJLP 8208Mal WaldronMal-4$$$
1958New JazzNJLP 8210Roy HaynesWe Three$$$
1957New JazzNJLP 8216Prestige All-StarsCoolin'$$$
1957New JazzNJLP 8217Prestige All-StarsThe Cats$$$
1959New JazzNJLP 8219Art TaylorTaylor's Tenors$$$
1959New JazzNJLP 8226Jerome RichardsonRomain' with Richardson$$$
1957New JazzNJLP 8232John Jenkins, Cliff Jordan & Bobby TimmonsJenkins, Jordan and Timmons$$$
1959New JazzNJLP 8235Benny GolsonGone with Golson$$$
1960New JazzNJLP 8246Gigi GryceThe Hap'nin's$$$
1960New JazzNJLP 8251Latin Jazz Quintet & Eric DolphyCaribe$$$
1960New JazzNJLP 8262Gigi GryceThe Rat Race Blues$$$
1960New JazzNJLP 8270Eric DolphyFar Cry$$$
1961New JazzNJLP 8271Steve LacyEvidence$$$
1962New JazzNJLP 8286Roy HaynesCracklin'$$$
1955PrestigePRLP 7007Miles DavisThe Musings of Miles$$$
1955PrestigePRLP 7008Wardell GrayWardell Gray Memorial, Vol. 1$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7012Miles DavisDig$$$
1955PrestigePRLP 7017Art FarmerArt Farmer Quintet ft. Gigi Gryce$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7024Sonny Stitt, Bud Powell & J.J. JohnsonSonny Stitt, Bud Powell & J.J. Johnson$$$
1954PrestigePRLP 7031Art FarmerArt Farmer Septet$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7033John EardleyJohn Eardley 7$$$
1955PrestigePRLP 7034Miles DavisMiles Davis and the Milt Jackson Quintet/Sextet$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7037Tadd DameronFontainebleau$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7041Bennie GreenBennie Green with Art Farmer$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7046Phil WoodsPairing Off$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7049Bennie GreenWalking Down$$$
1955PrestigePRLP 7050Gene AmmonsGene Ammons All-Stars$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7055Clifford BrownClifford Brown Memorial$$$
1954PrestigePRLP 7058Sonny RollinsMoving Out$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7062Art Farmer & Donald Byrd2 Trumpets$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7064Red GarlandA Garland of Red$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7070Tadd Dameron & John ColtraneMating Call$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7073Prestige All-StarsAll Night Long$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7074Prestige All-StarsTenor Conclave$$$
1954PrestigePRLP 7076Miles DavisWalkin'$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7081Prestige All-StarsAll Day Long$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7086Red GarlandRed Garland's Piano$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7087Jackie McLeanJackie McLean and Co.$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7088Kenny BurrellKenny Burrell$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7092Prestige All-StarsThree Trumpets$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7094Miles DavisCookin'$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7095Sonny RollinsRollins Plays for Bird$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7096Ray DraperTuba Sounds$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7103Paul QuinichetteOn the Sunny Side$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7110Gene AmmonsJammin' in Hi-Fi with Gene Ammons$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7112Prestige All-StarsInterplay for 2 Trumpets and 2 Tenors$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7115Phil Woods & Gene QuillPhil and Quill with Prestige$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7116Prestige All-StarsFour Altos$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7118Prestige All-StarsAfter Hours$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7119Kenny Burrell & Jimmy Raney2 Guitars$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7123John Coltrane & Red GarlandJohn Coltrane with The Red Garland Trio$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7125Steve LacySoprano Sax$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7126Sonny RollinsTour De Force$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7129Miles DavisRelaxin'$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7131Prestige All-StarsWheelin' and Dealin'$$$
1958PrestigePRLP 7148Red GarlandAll Kinds of Weather$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7166Miles DavisWorkin'$$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7181Red GarlandSoul Junction$$$
1961PrestigePRLP 7188John ColtraneLush Life$$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7200Miles DavisSteamin'$$$
1955RiversideRLP 12-201Thelonious MonkThelonious Monk Plays Duke Ellington$$$
1956RiversideRLP 12-209Thelonious MonkThe Unique Thelonious Monk$$$
1957RiversideRLP 12-226Thelonious MonkBrilliant Corners$$$
1956RiversideRLP 12-228Zoot SimsZoot!$$$
1957RiversideRLP 12-235Thelonious MonkThelonious Himself$$$
1957RiversideRLP 12-241Sonny RollinsThe Sound of Sonny Rollins$$$
1957RiversideRLP 12-242Thelonious MonkMonk's Music$$$
1957RiversideRLP 12-252Wilbur WareThe Chicago Sound$$$
1958RiversideRLP 12-264Johnny GriffinJohnny Griffin Sextet$$$
1958RiversideRLP 12-274Johnny GriffinWay Out!$$$
1959RiversideRLP 12-298Wynton KellyKelly Blue$$$
1959RiversideRLP 12-304Johnny GriffinThe Little Giant$$$
1959RiversideRLP 12-309Blue MitchellBlue Soul$$$
1960RiversideRLP 12-320Wes MontgomeryThe Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery$$$
1962RiversideRLP 12-420Johnny GriffinThe Kerry Dancers$$$
1962RiversideRLP 12-434Wes MontgomeryFull House$$$
1963RiversideRLP 12-462Johnny GriffinDo Nothing Til You Hear Me$$$
1956SavoyMG 12091Lee MorganIntroducing Lee Morgan$$$
1957SavoyMG 12092Hank MobleyJazz Message No. 2$$$
1956SignalS 1201Gigi GryceGigi Gryce$$$
1960TimeT 52011Booker LittleBooker Little$$$
1958United ArtistsUAL 4034Booker LittleBooker Little 4 and Max Roach$$$
1957Atlantic1260Charles MingusThe Clown$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1514Jimmy SmithA New Sound - A New Star (Vol. 2)$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1525Jimmy SmithThe Incredible Jimmy Smith, Vol. 3$$
1956Blue NoteBLP 1528Jimmy SmithJimmy Smith at Club "Baby Grand", Vol. 1$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1529Jimmy SmithJimmy Smith at Club "Baby Grand", Vol. 2$$
1958Blue NoteBLP 1552Jimmy SmithJimmy Smith at the Organ, Vol. 2$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1554Art BlakeyOrgy in Rhythm, Vol. 1$$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1555Art BlakeyOrgy in Rhythm, Vol. 2$$
1958Blue NoteBLP 4003Art BlakeyMoanin'$$
1959Blue NoteBLP 4004Art BlakeyHoliday for Skins, Vol. 1$$
1959Blue NoteBLP 4005Art BlakeyHoliday for Skins, Vol. 2$$
1959Blue NoteBLP 4008Horace SilverFinger Poppin'$$
1959Blue NoteBLP 4015Art BlakeyAt the Jazz Corner of the World, Vol. 1$$
1960Blue NoteBLP 4016Art BlakeyAt the Jazz Corner of the World, Vol. 2$$
1960Blue NoteBLP 4029Art BlakeyThe Big Beat$$
1960Blue NoteBLP 4042Horace SilverHorace-Scope$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4054Art BlakeyMeet You at the Jazz Corner of the World, Vol. 1$$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4055Art BlakeyMeet You at the Jazz Corner of the World, Vol. 2$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4066Lou DonaldsonHere 'Tis$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4069Stanley TurrentineUp at Minton's, Vol. 1$$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4079Lou DonaldsonGravy Train$$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4087Leo ParkerLet Me Tell You 'Bout It$$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4104Art BlakeyBuhaina's Delight$$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4106Jackie McLeanLet Freedom Ring$$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4113Freddie RoachDown to Earth$$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4125Lou DonaldsonGood Gracious$$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4128Freddie RoachMo' Greens Please$$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4137Jackie McLeanOne Step Beyond$$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4148George BraithTwo Souls in One$$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4159Andrew HillJudgment$$
1966Blue NoteBLP 4160Andrew HillSmokestack$$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4161George BraithSoulstream$$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4168Freddie RoachBrown Sugar$$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4180Anthony WilliamsLife Time$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4190Freddie RoachAll That's Good$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4192John PattonOh Baby$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4196Freddie HubbardBlue Spirits$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4198Bobby HutchersonDialogue$$
1968Blue NoteBLP 4203Andrew HillAndrew!!!$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4213Bobby HutchersonComponents$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4215Jackie McLeanRight Now$$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4216Anthony WilliamsSpring$$
1966Blue NoteBLP 4217Andrew HillCompulsion$$
1957CapitolT-762Miles DavisBirth of the Cool$$
1955EmArcyMG 36008Clifford Brown & Max RoachBrown & Roach Incorporated$$
1962ImpulseA-21John ColtraneColtrane$$
1962ImpulseA-30Duke Ellington & John ColtraneDuke Ellington and John Coltrane$$
1963ImpulseA-40John Coltrane & Johnny HartmanJohn Coltrane & Johnny Hartman$$
1957New JazzNJLP 8202Prestige All-StarsRoots$$
1957New JazzNJLP 8204Prestige All-StarsBird Feathers$$
1958New JazzNJLP 8209Dorothy Ashby & Frank WessIn a Minor Groove$$
1959New JazzNJLP 8220Benny GolsonGroovin' with Golson$$
1959New JazzNJLP 8223Lem Winchester & Benny GolsonWinchester Special$$
1959New JazzNJLP 8224Oliver NelsonMeet Oliver Nelson$$
1957New JazzNJLP 8228Ray DraperThe Ray Draper Quintet ft. John Coltrane$$
1960New JazzNJLP 8230Gigi GryceSayin' Somethin$$
1960New JazzNJLP 8233Oliver NelsonTaking Care of Business$$
1960New JazzNJLP 8238Doug WatkinsSoulnik$$
1959New JazzNJLP 8242Mal WaldronImpressions$$
1960New JazzNJLP 8243Oliver NelsonScreamin' the Blues$$
1960New JazzNJLP 8244Lem WinchesterAnother Opus$$
1960New JazzNJLP 8245Roy HaynesJust Us$$
1960New JazzNJLP 8247Ken McIntyre & Eric DolphyLooking Ahead$$
1959New JazzNJLP 8248Benny GolsonGettin' With It$$
1961New JazzNJLP 8255Oliver NelsonStraight Ahead$$
1961New JazzNJLP 8269Mal WaldronThe Quest$$
1955PrestigePRLP 7004Lee KonitzSubconscious-Lee$$
1955PrestigePRLP 7009Wardell GrayWardell Gray Memorial, Vol. 2$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7013Prestige All-StarsConception$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7040Gil MelleMelle Plays Primitive Modern$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7044Miles DavisCollector's Items$$
1955PrestigePRLP 7052Bennie GreenBennie Green Blows His Horn$$
1954PrestigePRLP 7054Miles DavisBlue Haze$$
1956PrestigePRLP 7063Gil MelleGil's Guests$$
1955PrestigePRLP 7067Freddie ReddPiano: East/West$$
1955PrestigePRLP 7078Teddy CharlesEvolution$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7083Gene AmmonsFunky$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7084Prestige All-StarsOlio$$
1955PrestigePRLP 7089Jimmy RaneyA$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7097Gil MelleQuadrama$$
1957PrestigePRLP 7102Prestige All-StarsEarthy$$
1954PrestigePRLP 7109Miles DavisBags' Groove$$
1958PrestigePRLP 7133Sonny StittStitt's Bits$$
1958PrestigePRLP 7139Red GarlandManteca$$
1958RiversideRLP 12-273Blue MitchellBig 6$$
1959RiversideRLP 12-313Philly Joe JonesShowcase$$
1960RiversideRLP 12-324Sam JonesThe Soul Society$$
1961RiversideRLP 12-384Don FriedmanA Day in the City$$
1958Atlantic1278Art BlakeyArt Blakey's Jazz Messengers with Thelonious Monk$
1959Atlantic1317Ornette ColemanThe Shape of Jazz to Come$
1960Atlantic1327Ornette ColemanChange of the Century$
1961Atlantic1353Ornette ColemanThis Is Our Music$
1961Atlantic1354John ColtraneColtrane Jazz$
1961Atlantic1361John ColtraneMy Favorite Things$
1961Atlantic1364Ornette ColemanFree Jazz$
1962Atlantic1373John ColtraneOle Coltrane$
1962Atlantic1382John ColtraneColtrane Plays the Blues$
1964Atlantic1419John ColtraneColtrane's Sound$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1547Jimmy SmithA Date with Jimmy Smith, Vol. 1$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1551Jimmy SmithJimmy Smith at the Organ, Vol. 1$
1959Blue NoteBLP 1556Jimmy SmithThe Sounds of Jimmy Smith$
1957Blue NoteBLP 1563Jimmy SmithJimmy Smith Plays Pretty Just for You$
1958Blue NoteBLP 1585Jimmy SmithGroovin' at Smalls' Paradise, Vol. 1$
1958Blue NoteBLP 1586Jimmy SmithGroovin' at Smalls' Paradise, Vol. 2$
1958Blue NoteBLP 1600Three Sounds, TheThe Three Sounds$
1958Blue NoteBLP 4002Jimmy SmithHouse Party$
1959Blue NoteBLP 4011Jimmy SmithThe Sermon$
1959Blue NoteBLP 4014Three Sounds, TheBottoms Up$
1959Blue NoteBLP 4017Horace SilverBlowin' the Blues Away$
1960Blue NoteBLP 4020Three Sounds, TheGood Deal$
1960Blue NoteBLP 4030Jimmy SmithCrazy Baby$
1960Blue NoteBLP 4044Three Sounds, TheMoods$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4050Jimmy SmithHome Cookin'$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4061Donald ByrdDonald Byrd at The Half Note Cafe, Vol. 2$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4072Three Sounds, TheFeelin' Good$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4076Horace SilverDoin' the Thing: The Horace Silver Quintet at The Village Gate$
1961Blue NoteBLP 4078Jimmy SmithMidnight Special$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4081Stanley TurrentineDearly Beloved$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4088Three Sounds, TheHere We Come$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4096Stanley TurrentineThat's Where It's At$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4097Art BlakeyThe African Beat$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4100Jimmy SmithJimmy Smith Plays Fats Waller$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4102Three Sounds, TheHey There$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4108Lou DonaldsonThe Natural Soul$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4110Horace SilverThe Tokyo Blues$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4117Jimmy SmithBack at the Chicken Shack$
1962Blue NoteBLP 4118Donald ByrdFree Form$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4120Three Sounds, TheIt Just Got to Be$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4124Donald ByrdA New Perspective$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4129Stanley TurrentineNever Let Me Go$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4131Horace SilverSilver's Serenade$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4136Solomon IloriAfrican High Life$
1963Blue NoteBLP 4141Jimmy SmithRockin' the Boat$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4150Stanley TurrentineA Chip off the Old Block$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4155Three Sounds, TheBlack Orchid$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4156Art BlakeyThe Freedom Rider$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4157Lee MorganThe Sidewinder$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4162Stanley TurrentineHustlin'$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4164Jimmy SmithPrayer Meetin'$
1966Blue NoteBLP 4169Lee MorganSearch for the New Land$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4170Art BlakeyFree for All$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4171George BraithExhaustion$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4174John PattonThe Way I Feel$
1964Blue NoteBLP 4185Horace SilverSong for My Father$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4188Donald ByrdI'm Tryin' to Get Home$
1966Blue NoteBLP 4193Art BlakeyIndestructible$
1966Blue NoteBLP 4197Three Sounds, TheOut of This World$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4199Lee MorganThe Rumproller$
1965Blue NoteBLP 4220Horace SilverThe Cape Verdean Blues$
1967Blue NoteBLP 4222Lee MorganCornbread$
1966Blue NoteBLP 4224Ornette ColemanThe Ornette Coleman Trio at the "Golden Circle" Stockholm, Vol. 1$
1966Blue NoteBLP 4225Ornette ColemanThe Ornette Coleman Trio at the "Golden Circle" Stockholm, Vol. 2$
1966Blue NoteBLP 4226Don CherryComplete Communion$
1967Blue NoteBLP 4264McCoy TynerThe Real McCoy$
1962Blue NoteBLP 9001Dodo GreeneMy Hour of Need$
1960CandidCJM 8002Max RoachWe Insist! Freedom Now Suite$
1957ColumbiaCL 1041Miles DavisMiles Ahead$
1958ColumbiaCL 1193Miles DavisMilestones$
1959ColumbiaCL 1274Miles DavisPorgy and Bess$
1959ColumbiaCL 1370Charles MingusMingus Ah Um$
1959ColumbiaCL 1397Dave BrubeckTime Out$
1960ColumbiaCL 1480Miles DavisSketches of Spain$
1961ColumbiaCL 1656Miles DavisSomeday My Prince Will Come$
1961ColumbiaCL 1669Miles DavisFriday Night In Person at The Blackhawk$
1961ColumbiaCL 1670Miles DavisSaturday Night In Person at The Blackhawk$
1963ColumbiaCL 1965Thelonious MonkMonk's Dream$
1963ColumbiaCL 2038Thelonious MonkCriss-Cross$
1963ColumbiaCL 2051Miles DavisSeven Steps to Heaven$
1964ColumbiaCL 2106Miles DavisQuiet Nights$
1963ColumbiaCL 2164Thelonious MonkBig Band and Quartet in Concert$
1964ColumbiaCL 2178Miles Davis & Thelonious MonkMiles and Monk at Newport$
1964ColumbiaCL 2184Thelonious MonkIt's Monk's Time$
1964ColumbiaCL 2291Thelonious MonkMonk$
1964ColumbiaCL 2349Thelonious MonkSolo Monk$
1965ColumbiaCL 2350Miles DavisE.S.P.$
1965ColumbiaCL 2416Thelonious MonkMisterioso$
1967ColumbiaCL 2601Miles DavisMiles Smiles$
1967ColumbiaCL 2651Thelonious MonkStraight, No Chaser$
1957ColumbiaCL 949Miles DavisRound About Midnight$
1968ColumbiaCS 9632Thelonious MonkUnderground$
1958ContemporaryC 3551Ornette ColemanSomething Else!!!!$
1959ContemporaryM 3569Ornette ColemanTomorrow Is the Question!$
1958ContemporaryS 7554Art FarmerPortrait of Art Farmer$
1955EmArcyMG 36002Clifford BrownJam Session$
1955EmArcyMG 36036Clifford Brown & Max RoachClifford Brown & Max Roach$
1955EmArcyMG 36039Clifford BrownBest Coast Jazz$
1956EmArcyMG 36070Clifford Brown & Max RoachClifford Brown and Max Roach at Basin Street$
1960ImpulseA-04Gil EvansOut of the Cool$
1961ImpulseA-06John ColtraneAfrica/Brass$
1961ImpulseA-08Max RoachPercussion, Bitter Sweet$
1961ImpulseA-09Gil EvansInto the Hot$
1962ImpulseA-10John ColtraneLive at The Village Vanguard$
1962ImpulseA-18McCoy TynerInception$
1962ImpulseA-33McCoy TynerReaching Fourth$
1963ImpulseA-35Charles MingusThe Black Saint and the Sinner Lady$
1963ImpulseA-39McCoy TynerNights of Ballads and Blues$
1963ImpulseA-42John ColtraneImpressions$
1964ImpulseA-48McCoy TynerLive at Newport$
1963ImpulseA-49Elvin Jones & Jimmy GarrisonIllumination$
1963ImpulseA-50John ColtraneLive at Birdland$
1964ImpulseA-54Charles MingusMingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus$
1964ImpulseA-63McCoy TynerToday and Tomorrow$
1964ImpulseA-66John ColtraneCrescent$
1964ImpulseA-79McCoy TynerMcCoy Tyner Plays Ellington$
1965ImpulseA-85John ColtraneThe John Coltrane Quartet Plays$
1965ImpulseA-88Elvin JonesDear John C.$
1965ImpulseA-91Sonny RollinsSonny Rollins on Impulse$
1965ImpulseA-95John ColtraneAscension$
1965ImpulseA9110John ColtraneMeditations$
1960JazzlandJLP 19Charlie RouseTakin' Care of Business$
1961JazzlandJLP 46Thelonious MonkThelonious Monk with John Coltrane$
1961MercurySR-60134Cannonball AdderleyCannonball Adderley Quintet in Chicago$
1958New JazzNJLP 8211Prestige All-StarsJust Wailin'$
1958New JazzNJLP 8213Ray BryantAlone with the Blues$
1960New JazzNJLP 8239Lem WinchesterLem's Beat$
1960New JazzNJLP 8249Larry YoungTestifying$
1960New JazzNJLP 8259Ken McIntyreStone Blues$
1960New JazzNJLP 8264Larry YoungYoung Blues$
1961New JazzNJLP 8265Ron CarterWhere?$
1963New JazzNJLP 8276Kenny Burrell & John ColtraneKenny Burrell & John Coltrane$
1960Pacific JazzPJ-3Clifford BrownJazz Immortal$
1955PrestigePRLP 7003Milt JacksonMilt Jackson Quartet$
1955PrestigePRLP 7005Modern Jazz QuartetConcorde$
1956PrestigePRLP 7039Gene AmmonsThe Happy Blues$
1955PrestigePRLP 7057Modern Jazz QuartetDjango$
1954PrestigePRLP 7059Milt JacksonModern Jazz Quartet$
1957PrestigePRLP 7077Sonny StittKaleidoscope$
1957PrestigePRLP 7101Herbie Mann & Bobby JasparFlute Souffle$
1957PrestigePRLP 7104Teo MaceroTeo$
1957PrestigePRLP 7108Prestige Jazz QuartetThe Prestige Jazz Quartet$
1957PrestigePRLP 7120Gil EvansGils Evans Plus Ten$
1957PrestigePRLP 7124Herbie Mann & Bobby JasparFlute Flight$
1957PrestigePRLP 7127Paul QuinichetteFor Basie$
1958PrestigePRLP 7132Gene AmmonsThe Big Sound$
1958PrestigePRLP 7146Gene AmmonsBlue Gene$
1958PrestigePRLP 7147Prestige All-StarsBasie Reunion$
1956PrestigePRLP 7150Miles DavisMiles Davis and the Modern Jazz Giants$
1957PrestigePRLP 7158John Coltrane & Paul QuinichetteCattin'$
1960PrestigePRLP 7180Gene AmmonsBoss Tenor$
1957RiversideRLP 12-229Gigi GryceGigi Gryce and The Jazz Lab Quintet$
1957RiversideRLP 12-233Coleman HawkinsThe Hawk Flies High$
1957RiversideRLP 12-247Gerry Mulligan & Thelonious MonkMulligan Meets Monk$
1958RiversideRLP 12-258Sonny RollinsFreedom Suite$
1958RiversideRLP 12-262Thelonious MonkThelonious in Action$
1958RiversideRLP 12-279Thelonious MonkMisterioso$
1958RiversideRLP 12-280Max RoachDeeds Not Words$
1959RiversideRLP 12-297Kenny DorhamBlue Spring$
1959RiversideRLP 12-300Thelonious MonkThe Thelonious Monk Orchestra at Town Hall$
1959RiversideRLP 12-305Thelonious Monk5 by Monk by 5$
1959RiversideRLP 12-312Thelonious MonkThelonious Alone in San Francisco$
1960RiversideRLP 12-323Thelonious MonkThelonious Monk at The Blackhawk$
1960RiversideRLP 12-326Barry HarrisBarry Harris at The Jazz Workshop$
1960RiversideRLP 12-344Cannonball AdderleyThe Cannonball Adderley Quintet at The Lighthouse$
1961RiversideRLP 12-433Cannonball AdderleyKnow What I Mean?$
1960Vee JayLP 3007Lee MorganHere's Lee Morgan$
1960Vee JayLP 3015Lee MorganExpoobident$

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