Deep Groove Mono’s World Famous List of Vintage Jazz Record Collecting Links


London Jazz Collector Personal collection showcase, resources, stimulating discussions
Jazz Collector Collector news and discussion focused on the jazz vinyl market
FW Rare Jazz Collector Personal collection showcase from a high-end Stockholm collector
It’s a Raggy Waltz Fantastic blog hosted by an honest, open-minded collector with a special love for Dave Brubeck and his classic quartet
The Jazz Record Personal collection showcase and resources from a veteran collector
Jazzopath Boston collector that takes a musician’s approach to all things jazz


London Jazz Collector Community Friendly forum with a niche focus on vintage jazz vinyl record collecting

LP Label Guides

London Jazz Collector The most comprehensive jazz LP label guide on the web
Vinyl Beat Appends the LJC guide with approximate catalog number runs for each label configuration

Blue Note

“How They Heard It: Blue Note Records and the Transition from Mono to Stereo” Guest post at London Jazz Collector by Deep Groove Mono’s own Richard Capeless explaining recording engineer Rudy Van Gelder’s 50/50 system
Blue Note Records: A Collector’s Guide to Mono & Stereo Deep Groove Mono’s own database of classic Blue Note LPs focused on info pertaining to mono & stereo releases
Deep Groove Info A thorough treatment of the deep groove phenomenon, courtesy of London Jazz Collector
Flat Edge Info A thorough treatment of the flat edge phenomenon, courtesy of
Mixed label Info A thorough treatment of the mixed label phenomenon, courtesy of London Jazz Collector
Vinyl Weight Info A study of a trait typically ignored but often crucial in assessing the vintage of a record, focused strictly on Blue Note, courtesy of London Jazz Collector
Liberty Pressing Info An invaluable resource for any Blue Note collector on a budget, courtesy of London Jazz Collector
United Artists Pressing Info Yet another invaluable resource for Blue Note collectors on a budget, courtesy of LJC
Japanese Blue Note Vinyl Discography Comprehensive listing of all King and Toshiba reissues
“Blue Note Records: A Guide for Identifying Original Pressings” Jazz Record Center owner Fred Cohen’s famous treatment of original Blue Note pressings


Jazz Discography Project Comprehensive modern jazz artist & label discographies
Blue Note Discography Wikipedia discography
Prestige Discography Wikipedia discography
Riverside Discography Wikipedia discography

Album Art

Birka Jazz Extensive gallery of select titles on multiple labels


“Groove Wear: The Elephant in the Record Store” Deep Groove Mono’s own treatise on this little talked about but ever present phenomenon
“Mono Playback on a Modern Stereo Audio System” Deep Groove Mono’s own tutorial on getting the most out of your mono records in a stereo world
Stylus Shape (Thread) Comprehensive forum thread on stylus shape at Vinyl Engine
Stylus Shape (Article)
Some neat diagrams explaining stylus shape at Zev Audio
Cartridge Alignment Comprehensive forum thread on cartridge alignment at Audio Karma
Alignment Protractors
Printable protractors to aid in cartridge alignment a la Vinyl Engine
Tracking Force Comprehensive forum thread on tracking force at Audio Karma
Inner Groove Distortion Helpful Hydrogen Audio thread that democratically walks the reader through the ins and outs of this pesky phenomenon
Dynamic Range vs. SNR Excellent Pro Sound Web article clarifying the difference between these two commonly confused concepts
Ortofon Mono Fantastic article on the Ortofon website discussing the history of monophonic playback
“RCA Victor Announces Living Stereo” 1958 short film explaining the science of stereo records (YouTube link)
Stereo Cutting Head GIFs Awesome GIFs explaining the science of stereo cutting heads, courtesy of

Vinyl Manufacturing

“Producing Great Sounding Phonograph Records” 1997 RTI (Recording Technology Incorporated) article written by respected mastering engineer Kevin Gray
“Mastering for Vinyl” Informative article issued by Recording Magazine
“RCA Victor Presents The Sound & The Story” 1956 short film explaining the vinyl manufacturing process (YouTube link)
Vinyl Stampers Comprehensive forum thread on the science of vinyl stampers at the Steve Hoffman Music Forums


Deep Groove Mono Value Guide Covers over 600 of the most in-demand classic jazz titles on vintage vinyl; designed with both novices and experts in mind
popsike Massive eBay record auction history database
Penguin Core Collection List A listing of every album given Core Collection status in The Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings
Rudy Van Gelder: A Collector’s Discography Deep Groove Mono’s own comprehensive listing of classic jazz LPs recorded by Rudy Van Gelder, with additional information for collectors
“Rudy Van Gelder: A Work in Progress” A wonderful 2005 video interview with this legend, originally part of the CD+DVD release Perfect Takes (YouTube link)
“Glenn Gould: On the Record” This 1959 documentary gives us a revealing glimpse of the recording process at Columbia Records’ famous 30th Street studio, where many classic jazz albums were recorded (YouTube link)