Rudy Van Gelder Discography Updated and Expanded!

Back in 2014 I published the first edition of my Rudy Van Gelder Collector’s Discography. That version focused on albums I was interested in collecting at the time and didn’t contain any albums recorded after 1965. In 2020 I gave the discography a minor update, adding some smaller independent labels as well as albums I had missed on the more well-known labels I had already included.

Today I published the first big expansion of the discography and I am proud to say that the number of entries has grown from 946 to 1,684, an increase of nearly 80 percent. The biggest change is that the Blue Note, Prestige, New Jazz, Savoy, and Impulse catalogs are now complete (with a handful of latter-day exceptions for Blue Note and Prestige). In the future I hope to expand the discography even further, including labels like Verve and CTI. Click the link below to take a look!

LINK: Rudy Van Gelder: A Collector’s Discography

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