Vinyl Spotlight: Sonny Clark, Cool Struttin’ (Blue Note 1588) Liberty Mono Pressing

When I first began collecting vintage jazz records, I quickly noticed that Sonny Clark’s Cool Struttin’ is a very in-demand album and considered by many to be a classic. Additionally, I noticed that original pressings fetched in the upwards of two thousand dollars. At some point I became aware that this third/fourth Liberty pressing with original mono Rudy Van Gelder mastering existed, but it still… More→

Vinyl Spotlight: Tal Farlow Quartet (Blue Note 5042) Original 10″ Pressing

I don’t exactly remember what piqued my interest in this LP. I think it started when I came across a copy of Gil Melle Quintet, Volume 2. Tal Farlow is on that LP. I also think I was just getting into ten-inch LPs and Rudy Van Gelder’s earliest Hackensack recordings. This album is rare in any format. There’s only one track buried in an obscure Farlow compilation on Spotify and only two… More→

Jazz Collectors of Instagram: Interview with @tallswami

With summer drawing to a close, so does this initial run of Deep Groove Mono’s Jazz Collectors of Instagram. It seems fitting to conclude the series with an established veteran, Clifford Allen a.k.a. @tallswami. I originally came to know of Clifford through his comments and contributions to From there, I furthered my … More→

Jazz Collectors of Instagram: Interview with @what_can_brown

Fittingly coming off the tail of @jazz_peasant’s recent interview, I bring you another refreshingly honest convo, this time with Christopher Brown a.k.a. @what_can_brown. Chris brings us yet another unique insight into the art of jazz record collecting. Chris does most of his buying online and has plenty of advice to offer in that … More→

Jazz Collectors of Instagram: Interview with @jazz_peasant

Well folks, based on feedback I have recently received about the Heavyweights of Instagram series, I’ve decided to rename the series simply “Jazz Collectors of Instagram”. The series is intended to provide insight into some of the jazz collectors I follow on IG, not to make an outrageous claim about the “greatest” collectors … More→