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Vinyl Spotlight: Tal Farlow Quartet (Blue Note 5042) Original 10″ Pressing

I don’t exactly remember what piqued my interest in this LP. I think it started when I came across a copy of Gil Melle Quintet, Volume 2. Tal Farlow is on that LP. I also think I was just getting into ten-inch LPs and Rudy Van Gelder’s earliest Hackensack recordings. This album is rare in any format. There’s only one track buried in an obscure Farlow compilation on Spotify and only two… More→

Vinyl Spotlight: Olio (Prestige 7084) Original Pressing

It’s rare that I hang on to a record in VG condition, but this record has a couple things working for it: 1. Despite the pops and ticks, it has no groove wear, 2. I got it for (the vintage jazz record collecting equivalent of) a dollar bin price, and 3. The music and performances are both spectacular. Like my copies of Saxophone ColossusMore→