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Spotify Playlists: Rudy Van Gelder Studios

Rudy Van Gelder is one of the most recognized audio engineers to have ever lived. He has recorded hundreds of the most celebrated jazz albums the world has ever heard. His recordings are so characteristic, “the Van Gelder sound” has become a catchphrase known to jazz fans the world over. But under the … More→

Spotify Playlists: Moods

On numerous occasions, listening to a general jazz playlist covers too broad a range of emotions. In these instances I want a playlist that captures the mood perfectly. Over the years I have made several playlists of this sort for my own personal use and now I’m sharing them with you! In addition … More→

Spotify Playlist: Showtune Standards

Deep Groove Mono is very excited to announce the release of a project that has been in the works for quite a while now. After many hours of research and curating, I am releasing my “Showtune Standards” playlist on Spotify! The idea for this playlist came from the realization that many of my … More→

Deep Groove Mono Is Now on Spotify

Deep Groove Mono is excited to announce that it is now sharing playlists on Spotify! The idea for this has been brewing for a while now, but the creation of the Thelonious Monk original recordings discography prompted me to create a Spotify playlist for the recordings in that database and to share it … More→