Spotify Playlists: Moods

On numerous occasions, listening to a general jazz playlist covers too broad a range of emotions. In these instances I want a playlist that captures the mood perfectly. Over the years I have made several playlists of this sort for my own personal use and now I’m sharing them with you! In addition to the wealth of playlists already available on Deep Groove Mono’s Spotify page, five new mood-based playlists have now been added:

  • Cookin’: Frantic, uptempo soundtrack for anyone in a rush or on the go
  • Swingin’!: Upbeat, fun music that’s great for parties!
  • Cloudy Afternoon Jazz: Quiet, gentle music great for cloudy early mornings, cloudy afternoons, rainy days
  • Ballads: Late night music for when the lights are low
  • In a Somber Mood: For days where you need to reflect on all of life’s challenges