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Deep Groove Mono and the Great Groove Width Mystery

Before stereo sounded the death knell of the mono format in the late 1960s, mono records were made with the intention of being played with a conical stylus measuring one thousandth of an inch, also known as 1 “mil”, at its longest radius. On the other hand, stereo records have always been made … More→

Mono Vinyl Playback on a Modern Stereo Audio System

Since its introduction in the 1950s, the stereo audio format has become an inseparable part of listening to recorded music. This two-channel standard has been implemented on such a universal scale, the terms “stereo” and “audio system” are virtually interchangeable today in everyday language. The original theory of sound recording was a little … More→

Thelonious Monk: A Collector’s Discography

When I first began listening to Thelonious Monk, it didn’t take me long to pick out my favorite songs. As I explored his discography more though, I realized that he recorded most of his compositions multiple times over the course of his life. Wanting to hear every version of each, I created a … More→

The Deep Groove Mono Picky and Broke eBay Buyer’s Guide

Since its rise to dominance in the late ‘90s, eBay has firmly established itself as the world’s premier marketplace. A gift and a curse to collectors of all types, eBay has proven successful at making the things on your wish list that much more accessible while simultaneously pooling buyers together to drive up … More→

Confessions of a Vintage Jazz Record Collector

Vintage jazz record collecting…ah, the highs, the lows, the insanity of it all. A lot has changed since I started collecting, but the biggest change is probably that I don’t feel the desire to maintain any sort of image for the sake of respect or credibility anymore. The following post should provide a … More→

Groove Wear: The Elephant in the Record Store

(Updated April 5, 2018) Although I have been collecting records of all types for over twenty years now, I have been a persistent collector of vintage jazz records for the last six. While I’ve managed to hunt down some original pressings in that time, I’ve often had to settle for reissues. The hobby … More→

Collecting Vintage Jazz Vinyl: A Labor of Love

I really wish I were the kind of person who could just settle for owning a classic jazz album on CD. To my dismay, I crave an authenticity of experience that can only be had by listening to rare and expensive fifty year-old records that require copious amounts of time and energy to … More→