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Shellac Spotlight: Fats Waller, “My Feelin’s Are Hurt” / “Smashing Thirds” (Victor 38613)

While I still haven’t delved all too deeply into ‘pre-bop’ jazz, I managed to find another great 78 from that era. For a stretch in 2019 I was accustomed to seeing the silly grin on Fats Waller’s pudgy face regularly while volunteering at the National Jazz Museum in Harlem. Footage of Waller performing was part of a video on loop there, and I was regularly reminded what a natural entertainer Waller was… More→

Shellac Spotlight: Louis Armstrong & His Hot Seven, “Willie the Weeper” / “Alligator Crawl” (Okeh 8482)

So far, Deep Groove Mono’s coverage of 78s has been limited to the very first 78 I ever acquired and the Dual idler wheel turntable I recently picked up for its popularity with 78 collectors. Since I have replaced that first 78 with a cleaner copy, abandoned the economical Califone portable featured in that post, and now prefer my modified Technics 1200 to play 78s over the Dual, this in some ways is my… More→

Jazz Collectors of Instagram: Interview with @gstvinyl

Wrapping up the second season of Instagram interviews with our fourth and final episode, we turn to a West Coast collector with an early presence in the online jazz community. As a result, I have long had a ton of respect for @gstvinyl or just “GST”, a humble collector with a deep collection … More→

Jazz Collectors of Instagram: Interview with @araggywaltz

If vintage jazz record collecting were a contest where collectors set out to prove just how much the act of collecting really is “about the music” and not about the object, Tarik a.k.a. @araggywaltz wins, by a long shot. I’m sure many of us could admit that collecting feels slightly competitive at times … More→

Jazz Collectors of Instagram: Interview with @helloiamako

For our next installment of Jazz Collectors of Instagram, we have a very special collector indeed. While Dott was the first collector to be featured in the series who lives outside of the United States, Japan’s Ako Nakagawa is now our second! Ako is relatively new to the scene, and over the past … More→