Deep Groove Mono Is Now an Information-Based Website

February 8, 2019

To the faithful readers of Deep Groove Mono:

After five years of operation as a blog, Deep Groove Mono is transitioning to an information-based website. The reason for this change is that I, Rich Capeless, owner and operator of Deep Groove Mono, am taking a step back from vintage jazz record collecting and do not have plans to regularly invest in vintage jazz records in the near future.┬áDon’t get me wrong, I still love vintage jazz vinyl, and I enjoy providing other collectors with hobby resources, which is why I am keeping Deep Groove Mono online.

My longtime followers may have noticed that I have never attempted to profit from this site. However, entering this new phase has shed light on the fact that I pay money out of my own pocket to run and maintain it. This is why Deep Groove Mono plans to offer t-shirts for sale in the near future as a means of funding the site and making sure collectors continue to have access to it.

Finally, I have plans to continue blogging about music, but I would like to expand the scope of the music I cover in a way that isn’t limited by genre or format. I love all kinds of music, old and new, so at this point it doesn’t make sense for me to limit myself to blogging about jazz and vintage records. If you too love all kinds of music, keep an eye out for my new blog.

Thanks again to all my readers! Please stay in touch and do not hesitate to reach out with questions, comments, or corrections regarding the material on the site.