Thelonious Monk 10″ LP Collector’s Discography

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10/15/1947WOR NYCTheloniousMonkBlue NoteBNLP 5002Genius of Modern Music1951B1
10/15/1947WOR NYCSuburban EyesQuebecBlue NoteBNLP 5009Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 21952B3
10/15/1947WOR NYCHumphMonkBlue NoteBNLP 5009Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 21952B1
10/24/1947WOR NYCWell, You Needn'tMonkBlue NoteBNLP 5002Genius of Modern Music1951B3
10/24/1947WOR NYCOff MinorMonkBlue NoteBNLP 5002Genius of Modern Music1951A2
10/24/1947WOR NYCRuby, My DearMonkBlue NoteBNLP 5002Genius of Modern Music1951A3
10/24/1947WOR NYCNice Work If You Can Get ItGershwin-GershwinBlue NoteBNLP 5009Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 21952A3
11/21/1947WOR NYC'Round MidnightMonkBlue NoteBNLP 5002Genius of Modern Music1951A1
11/21/1947WOR NYCIn Walked BudMonk-HendricksBlue NoteBNLP 5009Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 21952A4
11/21/1947WOR NYCWho KnowsMonkBlue NoteBNLP 5009Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 21952A2
7/2/1948Apex NYCEpistrophyMonk-ClarkeBlue NoteBNLP 5002Genius of Modern Music1951B2
7/2/1948Apex NYCMisteriosoMonkBlue NoteBNLP 5002Genius of Modern Music1951B4
7/2/1948Apex NYCI Mean YouMonkBlue NoteBNLP 5002Genius of Modern Music1951A4
7/23/1951WOR NYCFour in OneMonkBlue NoteBNLP 5009Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 21952A1
7/23/1951WOR NYCStraight, No ChaserMonkBlue NoteBNLP 5009Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 21952B2
7/23/1951WOR NYCCriss CrossMonkBlue NoteBNLP 5011Wizard of the Vibes (Milt Jackson)1952A3
7/23/1951WOR NYCEronelMonkBlue NoteBNLP 5011Wizard of the Vibes (Milt Jackson)1952B4
7/23/1951WOR NYCAsk Me NowMonkBlue NoteBNLP 5009Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 21952B4
7/23/1951WOR NYCWillow Weep for MeRonellBlue NoteBNLP 5011Wizard of the Vibes (Milt Jackson)1952A4
10/15/1952WOR NYCSweet and LovelyArnheim-LeMare-TobiasPrestigePRLP 142Thelonious1953A2
10/15/1952WOR NYCBye-YaMonkPrestigePRLP 142Thelonious1953A3
10/15/1952WOR NYCLittle Rootie TootieMonkPrestigePRLP 142Thelonious1953A1
10/15/1952WOR NYCMonk's DreamMonkPrestigePRLP 142Thelonious1953A4
12/18/1952WOR NYCTrinkle, TinkleMonkPrestigePRLP 142Thelonious1953B1
12/18/1952WOR NYCThese Foolish ThingsLink-Marvell-StracheyPrestigePRLP 142Thelonious1953B2
12/18/1952WOR NYCBemsha SwingMonk-BestPrestigePRLP 142Thelonious1953B3
12/18/1952WOR NYCReflectionsMonkPrestigePRLP 142Thelonious1953B4
11/13/1953WOR NYCLet's Call ThisMonkPrestigePRLP 166Thelonious Monk Quintet Blows for LP1954A1
11/13/1953WOR NYCThink of One (Take 2)MonkPrestigePRLP 166Thelonious Monk Quintet Blows for LP1954A2
11/13/1953WOR NYCFriday the 13thMonkPrestigePRLP 166Thelonious Monk Quintet Blows for LP1954B1
5/11/1954Hackensack, NJWe SeeMonkPrestigePRLP 180Thelonious Monk Quintet1954A1
5/11/1954Hackensack, NJSmoke Gets In Your EyesKern-HarbachPrestigePRLP 180Thelonious Monk Quintet1954A2
5/11/1954Hackensack, NJLocomotiveMonkPrestigePRLP 180Thelonious Monk Quintet1954B1
5/11/1954Hackensack, NJHackensackMonkPrestigePRLP 180Thelonious Monk Quintet1954B2
9/22/1954Hackensack, NJWorkMonkPrestigePRLP 189Thelonious Monk Plays1955A1
9/22/1954Hackensack, NJNuttyMonkPrestigePRLP 189Thelonious Monk Plays1955A2
9/22/1954Hackensack, NJBlue MonkMonkPrestigePRLP 189Thelonious Monk Plays1955B1
9/22/1954Hackensack, NJJust a GigoloBrammer-Caesar-CasucciPrestigePRLP 189Thelonious Monk Plays1955B2
10/25/1954Hackensack, NJI Want to Be HappyCaesar-YoumansPrestigePRLP 190Sonny Rollins and Thelonious Monk1955A1
10/25/1954Hackensack, NJThe Way You Look TonightKern-FieldsPrestigePRLP 190Sonny Rollins and Thelonious Monk1955A2
10/25/1954Hackensack, NJMore Than You KnowYoumans-Eliscu-RosePrestigePRLP 190Sonny Rollins and Thelonious Monk1955B1
12/24/1954Hackensack, NJBags' Groove (Take 1)JacksonPrestigePRLP 196Miles Davis All Stars1955A1
12/24/1954Hackensack, NJSwing SpringDavisPrestigePRLP 196Miles Davis All Stars1955B1
12/24/1954Hackensack, NJBemsha SwingMonk-BestPrestigePRLP 200Miles Davis All Stars, Vol. 21955A1
12/24/1954Hackensack, NJThe Man I Love (Take 1)Gershwin-GershwinPrestigePRLP 200Miles Davis All Stars, Vol. 21955B1

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