Johnny Coles, Little Johnny C (Blue Note 4144)

The Record Collection of Richard Connerton Capeless IV
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  • Original 1964 mono pressing with Plastylite “P” etched and “VAN GELDER” stamped in dead wax
  • Recorded July 18 and August 9, 1963 at Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
  • Originally released February 1964

1 Little Johnny C
2 Hobo Joe
3 Jano
4 My Secret Passion
5 Heavy Legs
6 So Sweet My Little Girl
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David Sonnier

So Sweet My Little Girl is my favorite song on this album. So beautiful. I like how you can hear the inhaling/breathing between notes on the soft trumpet passages.

There seems to be some mic distortion on some of very soft passages but it doesn’t do anything to take away from the beauty of this song. I thought at first it may be my speakers or non-fill, but I hear it on other sources.