Thelonious Monk 12″ LP Collector’s Discography

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10/15/47WOR NYCTheloniousMonkBlue NoteBLP 1510Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 11956B1
10/15/47WOR NYCSuburban EyesQuebecBlue NoteBLP 1511Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 21956A5
10/15/47WOR NYCEvonceQuebec-SuliemanBlue NoteBLP 1511Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 21956A6
10/15/47WOR NYCHumphMonkBlue NoteBLP 1510Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 11956B6
10/24/47WOR NYCWell, You Needn'tMonkBlue NoteBLP 1510Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 11956B4
10/24/47WOR NYCOff MinorMonkBlue NoteBLP 1510Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 11956A2
10/24/47WOR NYCRuby, My DearMonkBlue NoteBLP 1510Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 11956A3
10/24/47WOR NYCNice Work If You Can Get ItGershwin-GershwinBlue NoteBLP 1511Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 21956B3
10/24/47WOR NYCApril in ParisDuke-HarburgBlue NoteBLP 1510Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 11956A5
10/24/47WOR NYCIntrospectionMonkBlue NoteBLP 1510Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 11956B5
11/21/47WOR NYC'Round MidnightMonkBlue NoteBLP 1510Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 11956A1
11/21/47WOR NYCIn Walked BudMonk-HendricksBlue NoteBLP 1510Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 11956A6
11/21/47WOR NYCWho KnowsMonkBlue NoteBLP 1511Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 21956B5
11/21/47WOR NYCMonk's MoodMonkBlue NoteBLP 1511Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 21956B4
7/2/48Apex NYCEpistrophyMonk-ClarkeBlue NoteBLP 1510Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 11956B2
7/2/48Apex NYCEvidenceMonkBlue NoteBLP 1509Milt Jackson and the Thelonious Monk Quintet1956B4
7/2/48Apex NYCMisteriosoMonkBlue NoteBLP 1510Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 11956B3
7/2/48Apex NYCI Mean YouMonkBlue NoteBLP 1510Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 11956A4
7/23/51WOR NYCFour in OneMonkBlue NoteBLP 1511Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 21956B2
7/23/51WOR NYCStraight, No ChaserMonkBlue NoteBLP 1511Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 21956B1
7/23/51WOR NYCCriss CrossMonkBlue NoteBLP 1509Milt Jackson and the Thelonious Monk Quintet1956B1
7/23/51WOR NYCEronelMonkBlue NoteBLP 1509Milt Jackson and the Thelonious Monk Quintet1956B2
7/23/51WOR NYCAsk Me NowMonkBlue NoteBLP 1511Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 21956B6
7/23/51WOR NYCWillow Weep for MeRonellBlue NoteBLP 1509Milt Jackson and the Thelonious Monk Quintet1956A6
5/30/52WOR NYCSkippyMonkBlue NoteBLP 1511Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 21956A3
5/30/52WOR NYCLet's Cool OneMonkBlue NoteBLP 1511Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 21956A4
5/30/52WOR NYCHornin' InMonkBlue NoteBLP 1511Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 21956A2
5/30/52WOR NYCCarolina MoonBurke-DavisBlue NoteBLP 1511Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 21956A1
10/15/52WOR NYCSweet and LovelyArnheim-LeMare-TobiasPrestigePRLP 7027Thelonious Monk Trio1956B1
10/15/52WOR NYCBye-YaMonkPrestigePRLP 7027Thelonious Monk Trio1956B2
10/15/52WOR NYCLittle Rootie TootieMonkPrestigePRLP 7027Thelonious Monk Trio1956A5
10/15/52WOR NYCMonk's DreamMonkPrestigePRLP 7027Thelonious Monk Trio1956B3
12/18/52WOR NYCTrinkle, TinkleMonkPrestigePRLP 7027Thelonious Monk Trio1956B4
12/18/52WOR NYCThese Foolish ThingsLink-Marvell-StracheyPrestigePRLP 7027Thelonious Monk Trio1956B5
12/18/52WOR NYCBemsha SwingMonk-BestPrestigePRLP 7027Thelonious Monk Trio1956A3
12/18/52WOR NYCReflectionsMonkPrestigePRLP 7027Thelonious Monk Trio1956A4
11/13/53WOR NYCLet's Call ThisMonkPrestigePRLP 7053Monk1956A1
11/13/53WOR NYCThink of One (Take 2)MonkPrestigePRLP 7053Monk1956A2
11/13/53WOR NYCFriday the 13thMonkPrestigePRLP 7075Thelonious Monk and Sonny Rollins1957B2
11/13/53WOR NYCThink of One (Take 1)MonkPrestigePRLP 7053Monk1956A3
5/11/54Hackensack, NJWe SeeMonkPrestigePRLP 7053Monk1956B1
5/11/54Hackensack, NJSmoke Gets In Your EyesKern-HarbachPrestigePRLP 7053Monk1956B2
5/11/54Hackensack, NJLocomotiveMonkPrestigePRLP 7053Monk1956B3
5/11/54Hackensack, NJHackensackMonkPrestigePRLP 7053Monk1956B4
9/22/54Hackensack, NJWorkMonkPrestigePRLP 7075Thelonious Monk and Sonny Rollins1957A3
9/22/54Hackensack, NJNuttyMonkPrestigePRLP 7075Thelonious Monk and Sonny Rollins1957B1
9/22/54Hackensack, NJBlue MonkMonkPrestigePRLP 7027Thelonious Monk Trio1956A1
9/22/54Hackensack, NJJust a GigoloBrammer-Caesar-CasucciPrestigePRLP 7027Thelonious Monk Trio1956A2
10/25/54Hackensack, NJI Want to Be HappyCaesar-YoumansPrestigePRLP 7075Thelonious Monk and Sonny Rollins1957A2
10/25/54Hackensack, NJThe Way You Look TonightKern-FieldsPrestigePRLP 7075Thelonious Monk and Sonny Rollins1957A1
10/25/54Hackensack, NJMore Than You KnowYoumans-Eliscu-RosePrestigePRLP 7058Moving Out (Sonny Rollins)1956B2
12/24/54Hackensack, NJBags' Groove (Take 1)JacksonPrestigePRLP 7109Bags' Groove (Miles Davis)1957A1
12/24/54Hackensack, NJSwing SpringDavisPrestigePRLP 7150Miles Davis and the Modern Jazz Giants1959A2
12/24/54Hackensack, NJBemsha SwingMonk-BestPrestigePRLP 7150Miles Davis and the Modern Jazz Giants1959B2
12/24/54Hackensack, NJThe Man I Love (Take 1)Gershwin-GershwinPrestigePRLP 7150Miles Davis and the Modern Jazz Giants1959B3
12/24/54Hackensack, NJBags' Groove (Take 2)JacksonPrestigePRLP 7109Bags' Groove (Miles Davis)1957A2
12/24/54Hackensack, NJThe Man I Love (Take 2)Gershwin-GershwinPrestigePRLP 7150Miles Davis and the Modern Jazz Giants1959A1
7/21/55 & 7/27/55Hackensack, NJIt Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That SwingEllington-MillsRiversideRLP 12-201Thelonious Monk Plays the Music of Duke Ellington1956A1
7/21/55 & 7/27/55Hackensack, NJSophisticated LadyEllingtonRiversideRLP 12-201Thelonious Monk Plays the Music of Duke Ellington1956A2
7/21/55 & 7/27/55Hackensack, NJI Got It Bad and That Ain't GoodEllington-WebsterRiversideRLP 12-201Thelonious Monk Plays the Music of Duke Ellington1956A3
7/21/55 & 7/27/55Hackensack, NJBlack and Tan FantasyEllington-MileyRiversideRLP 12-201Thelonious Monk Plays the Music of Duke Ellington1956A4
7/21/55 & 7/27/55Hackensack, NJMood IndigoElington-Bigard-MillsRiversideRLP 12-201Thelonious Monk Plays the Music of Duke Ellington1956B1
7/21/55 & 7/27/55Hackensack, NJI Let a Song Go out of My HeartEllington-Nemo-Mills-RedmondRiversideRLP 12-201Thelonious Monk Plays the Music of Duke Ellington1956B2
7/21/55 & 7/27/55Hackensack, NJSolitudeEllington-Lange-MillsRiversideRLP 12-201Thelonious Monk Plays the Music of Duke Ellington1956B3
7/21/55 & 7/27/55Hackensack, NJCaravanEllington-Mills-TizolRiversideRLP 12-201Thelonious Monk Plays the Music of Duke Ellington1956B4
10/15/55Hackensack, NJShuffle BoilMonkSignalS 1201Gigi Gryce Orchestra and Quartet1956B1
10/15/55Hackensack, NJBrake's SakeMonkSignalS 1201Gigi Gryce Orchestra and Quartet1956B2
10/15/55Hackensack, NJGallop's GallopMonkSignalS 1201Gigi Gryce Orchestra and Quartet1956B3
10/15/55Hackensack, NJNica's TempoGryceSignalS 1201Gigi Gryce Orchestra and Quartet1956B4
3/17/56Hackensack, NJLizaGershwin-GershwinRiversideRLP 12-209The Unique Thelonious Monk1956A1
3/17/56Hackensack, NJMemories of YouBlake-RazafRiversideRLP 12-209The Unique Thelonious Monk1956A2
3/17/56Hackensack, NJYou Are Too BeautifulRodgers-HartRiversideRLP 12-209The Unique Thelonious Monk1956B2
3/17/56Hackensack, NJJust You, Just MeGreer-KlagesRiversideRLP 12-209The Unique Thelonious Monk1956B3
4/3/56Hackensack, NJHoneysuckle RoseWaller-RazafRiversideRLP 12-209The Unique Thelonious Monk1956A3
4/3/56Hackensack, NJDarn That DreamVan Heusen-DeLangeRiversideRLP 12-209The Unique Thelonious Monk1956A4
4/3/56Hackensack, NJTea for TwoYoumans-CaesarRiversideRLP 12-209The Unique Thelonious Monk1956B1
10/9/56Reeves NYCBa-lue Bolivar Ba-lues-areMonkRiversideRLP 12-226Brilliant Corners1957A2
10/9/56Reeves NYCPannonicaMonkRiversideRLP 12-226Brilliant Corners1957B1
10/15/56Reeves NYCBrilliant CornersMonkRiversideRLP 12-226Brilliant Corners1957A1
10/15/56Reeves NYCI Surrender, DearClifford-BarrisRiversideRLP 12-226Brilliant Corners1957B2
12/7/56Reeves NYCBemsha SwingMonk-BestRiversideRLP 12-226Brilliant Corners1957B3
4/12/57Reeves NYCFunctional (Alternate Take)MonkJazzlandJLP 46Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane1961B3
4/12/57Reeves NYCApril in ParisDuke-HarburgRiversideRLP 12-235Thelonious Himself1957A1
4/12/57Reeves NYCGhost of a ChanceCrosby-Washington-YoungRiversideRLP 12-235Thelonious Himself1957A2
4/12/57Reeves NYCFunctionalMonkRiversideRLP 12-235Thelonious Himself1957A3
4/12/57Reeves NYCI'm Getting Sentimental Over YouWashington-BassmanRiversideRLP 12-235Thelonious Himself1957A4
4/12/57Reeves NYCI Should CareCahn-Stordahl-WestonRiversideRLP 12-235Thelonious Himself1957B1
4/12/57Reeves NYC'Round MidnightMonkRiversideRLP 12-235Thelonious Himself1957B2
4/12/57Reeves NYCAll AloneBerlinRiversideRLP 12-235Thelonious Himself1957B3
4/14/57Hackensack, NJMisteriosoMonkBlue NoteBLP 1558Sonny Rollins, Vol. 21957A3
4/14/57Hackensack, NJReflectionsMonkBlue NoteBLP 1558Sonny Rollins, Vol. 21957B1
4/16/57Reeves NYCMonk's MoodMonkRiversideRLP 12-235Thelonious Himself1957B4
5/14/57NYCBlue MonkMonkAtlantic1278Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers with Thelonious Monk1958A3
5/14/57NYCI Mean YouMonkAtlantic1278Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers with Thelonious Monk1958B1
5/15/57NYCEvidenceMonkAtlantic1278Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers with Thelonious Monk1958A1
5/15/57NYCIn Walked BudMonk-HendricksAtlantic1278Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers with Thelonious Monk1958A2
5/15/57NYCRhythm-a-ningMonkAtlantic1278Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers with Thelonious Monk1958B2
5/15/57NYCPurple ShadesGriffinAtlantic1278Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers with Thelonious Monk1958B3
6/26/57Reeves NYCOff Minor (Alternate Take)MonkJazzlandJLP 46Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane1961A3
6/26/57Reeves NYCEpistrophy (Alternate Take)Monk-ClarkeJazzlandJLP 46Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane1961B2
6/26/57Reeves NYCAbide with MeMonkRiversideRLP 12-242Monk's Music1957A1
6/26/57Reeves NYCWell, You Needn'tMonkRiversideRLP 12-242Monk's Music1957A2
6/26/57Reeves NYCRuby, My DearMonkRiversideRLP 12-242Monk's Music1957A3
6/26/57Reeves NYCOff MinorMonkRiversideRLP 12-242Monk's Music1957B1
6/26/57Reeves NYCEpistrophyMonk-ClarkeRiversideRLP 12-242Monk's Music1957B2
6/26/57Reeves NYCCrepuscule with NellieMonkRiversideRLP 12-242Monk's Music1957B3
7/57Reeves NYCRuby, My DearMonkJazzlandJLP 46Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane1961A1
7/57Reeves NYCTrinkle, TinkleMonkJazzlandJLP 46Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane1961A2
7/57Reeves NYCNuttyMonkJazzlandJLP 46Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane1961B1
8/12/57Reeves NYCRhythm-a-ningMonkRiversideRLP 12-247Mulligan Meets Monk (Gerry Mulligan and Thelonious Monk)1957A2
8/12/57Reeves NYCStraight, No ChaserMonkRiversideRLP 12-247Mulligan Meets Monk (Gerry Mulligan and Thelonious Monk)1957B2
8/12/57Reeves NYCI Mean YouMonkRiversideRLP 12-247Mulligan Meets Monk (Gerry Mulligan and Thelonious Monk)1957B3
8/13/57Reeves NYC'Round MidnightMonkRiversideRLP 12-247Mulligan Meets Monk (Gerry Mulligan and Thelonious Monk)1957A1
8/13/57Reeves NYCSweet and LovelyArnheim-LeMare-TobiasRiversideRLP 12-247Mulligan Meets Monk (Gerry Mulligan and Thelonious Monk)1957A3
8/13/57Reeves NYCDecidedlyMulliganRiversideRLP 12-247Mulligan Meets Monk (Gerry Mulligan and Thelonious Monk)1957B1
5/7/58 & 5/12/58NYCIn OrbitTerryRiversideRLP 12-271In Orbit (Clark Terry with Thelonious Monk)1958A1
5/7/58 & 5/12/58NYCOne Foot in the GutterTerryRiversideRLP 12-271In Orbit (Clark Terry with Thelonious Monk)1958A2
5/7/58 & 5/12/58NYCTrust in MeTraditionalRiversideRLP 12-271In Orbit (Clark Terry with Thelonious Monk)1958A3
5/7/58 & 5/12/58NYCLet's Cool OneMonkRiversideRLP 12-271In Orbit (Clark Terry with Thelonious Monk)1958A4
5/7/58 & 5/12/58NYCPea-EyeTerryRiversideRLP 12-271In Orbit (Clark Terry with Thelonious Monk)1958B1
5/7/58 & 5/12/58NYCArgentiaTerryRiversideRLP 12-271In Orbit (Clark Terry with Thelonious Monk)1958B2
5/7/58 & 5/12/58NYCMoonlight FiestaTizol-MillsRiversideRLP 12-271In Orbit (Clark Terry with Thelonious Monk)1958B3
5/7/58 & 5/12/58NYCBuck's BusinessTerryRiversideRLP 12-271In Orbit (Clark Terry with Thelonious Monk)1958B4
5/7/58 & 5/12/58NYCVery Near BlueCasseyRiversideRLP 12-271In Orbit (Clark Terry with Thelonious Monk)1958B5
5/7/58 & 5/12/58NYCFlugelin' the BluesTerryRiversideRLP 12-294New Blue Horns (Various Artists)1959A1
8/7/58Five Spot Cafe NYCLight BlueMonkRiversideRLP 12-262Thelonious in Action1958A1
8/7/58Five Spot Cafe NYCComing on the HudsonMonkRiversideRLP 12-262Thelonious in Action1958A2
8/7/58Five Spot Cafe NYCRhythm-a-ningMonkRiversideRLP 12-262Thelonious in Action1958A3
8/7/58Five Spot Cafe NYCEpistrophy (Theme)Monk-ClarkeRiversideRLP 12-262Thelonious in Action1958A4
8/7/58Five Spot Cafe NYCBlue MonkMonkRiversideRLP 12-262Thelonious in Action1958B1
8/7/58Five Spot Cafe NYCEvidenceMonkRiversideRLP 12-262Thelonious in Action1958B2
8/7/58Five Spot Cafe NYCEpistrophy (Theme)Monk-ClarkeRiversideRLP 12-262Thelonious in Action1958B3
8/7/58Five Spot Cafe NYCNuttyMonkRiversideRLP 12-279Misterioso1958A1
8/7/58Five Spot Cafe NYCFive Spot Blues (as "Blues Five Spot")MonkRiversideRLP 12-279Misterioso1958A2
8/7/58Five Spot Cafe NYCLet's Cool OneMonkRiversideRLP 12-279Misterioso1958A3
8/7/58Five Spot Cafe NYCIn Walked BudMonk-HendricksRiversideRLP 12-279Misterioso1958B1
8/7/58Five Spot Cafe NYCJust a GigoloBrammer-Caesar-CasucciRiversideRLP 12-279Misterioso1958B2
8/7/58Five Spot Cafe NYCMisteriosoMonkRiversideRLP 12-279Misterioso1958B3
2/28/59Town Hall NYCTheloniousMonkRiversideRLP 12-300The Thelonious Monk Orchestra at Town Hall1959A1
2/28/59Town Hall NYCFriday the 13thMonkRiversideRLP 12-300The Thelonious Monk Orchestra at Town Hall1959A2
2/28/59Town Hall NYCMonk's MoodMonkRiversideRLP 12-300The Thelonious Monk Orchestra at Town Hall1959A3
2/28/59Town Hall NYCLittle Rootie TootieMonkRiversideRLP 12-300The Thelonious Monk Orchestra at Town Hall1959B1
2/28/59Town Hall NYCOff MinorMonkRiversideRLP 12-300The Thelonious Monk Orchestra at Town Hall1959B2
2/28/59Town Hall NYCCrepuscule with NellieMonkRiversideRLP 12-300The Thelonious Monk Orchestra at Town Hall1959B3
6/1/59NYCPlayed TwiceMonkRiversideRLP 12-3055 by Monk by 51959A3
6/2/59NYCStraight, No ChaserMonkRiversideRLP 12-3055 by Monk by 51959A2
6/2/59NYCI Mean YouMonkRiversideRLP 12-3055 by Monk by 51959B1
6/2/59NYCAsk Me NowMonkRiversideRLP 12-3055 by Monk by 51959B2
6/4/59NYCJackie-ingMonkRiversideRLP 12-3055 by Monk by 51959A1
10/20/59San Francisco, CABlue MonkMonkRiversideRLP 12-312Alone in San Francisco1959A1
10/20/59San Francisco, CARuby, My DearMonkRiversideRLP 12-312Alone in San Francisco1959A2
10/20/59San Francisco, CARound LightsMonkRiversideRLP 12-312Alone in San Francisco1959A3
10/20/59San Francisco, CAEverything Happens to MeDennis-AdairRiversideRLP 12-312Alone in San Francisco1959A4
10/20/59San Francisco, CAPannonicaMonkRiversideRLP 12-312Alone in San Francisco1959B2
10/20/59San Francisco, CAThere's Danger in Your Eyes, CherieRichman-Meskell-WendlingRiversideRLP 12-312Alone in San Francisco1959B4
10/21/59San Francisco, CAYou Took the Words Right Out Of My HeartRobin-RaingerRiversideRLP 12-312Alone in San Francisco1959A5
10/21/59San Francisco, CABluehawkMonkRiversideRLP 12-312Alone in San Francisco1959B1
10/21/59San Francisco, CARememberBerlinRiversideRLP 12-312Alone in San Francisco1959B3
10/21/59San Francisco, CAReflectionsMonkRiversideRLP 12-312Alone in San Francisco1959B5
4/29/60The Blackhawk SFLet's Call ThisMonkRiversideRLP 12-323At the Blackhawk1960A1
4/29/60The Blackhawk SFFour in OneMonkRiversideRLP 12-323At the Blackhawk1960A2
4/29/60The Blackhawk SFI'm Getting Sentimental Over YouWashington-BassmanRiversideRLP 12-323At the Blackhawk1960A3
4/29/60The Blackhawk SFSan Francisco Holiday (Worry Later)MonkRiversideRLP 12-323At the Blackhawk1960B1
4/29/60The Blackhawk SF'Round MidnightMonkRiversideRLP 12-323At the Blackhawk1960B2
4/29/60The Blackhawk SFEpistrophy (Closing Theme)Monk-ClarkeRiversideRLP 12-323At the Blackhawk1960B3
4/18/61L'Olympia, ParisWell, You Needn'tMonkRiversideRM 491Monk in France1966?A1
4/18/61L'Olympia, ParisOff MinorMonkRiversideRM 491Monk in France1966?A2
4/18/61L'Olympia, ParisJust a GigoloBrammer-Caesar-CasucciRiversideRM 491Monk in France1966?A3
4/18/61L'Olympia, ParisI Mean YouMonkRiversideRM 491Monk in France1966?B1
4/18/61L'Olympia, ParisHackensackMonkRiversideRM 491Monk in France1966?B2
4/18/61L'Olympia, ParisI'm Getting Sentimental Over YouWashington-BassmanRiversideRM 491Monk in France1966?B3
4/21/61Milan, ItalyJackie-ingMonkRiversideRM 443Thelonious Monk in Italy1965?A1
4/21/61Milan, ItalyEpistrophyMonk-ClarkeRiversideRM 443Thelonious Monk in Italy1965?A2
4/21/61Milan, ItalyBody and SoulHeyman-Sour-Eyton-GreenRiversideRM 443Thelonious Monk in Italy1965?A3
4/21/61Milan, ItalyStraight, No ChaserMonkRiversideRM 443Thelonious Monk in Italy1965?A4
4/21/61Milan, ItalyBemsha SwingMonk-BestRiversideRM 443Thelonious Monk in Italy1965?B1
4/21/61Milan, ItalySan Francisco Holiday (Worry Later)MonkRiversideRM 443Thelonious Monk in Italy1965?B2
4/21/61Milan, ItalyCrepuscule with NellieMonkRiversideRM 443Thelonious Monk in Italy1965?B3
4/21/61Milan, ItalyRhythm-a-ningMonkRiversideRM 443Thelonious Monk in Italy1965?B4
10/31/62Columbia 30th St. Studio NYCBye-YaMonkColumbiaCL 1965Monk's Dream1963B3
11/1/62Columbia 30th St. Studio NYCBody and SoulHeyman-Sour-Eyton-GreenColumbiaCL 1965Monk's Dream1963A2
11/1/62Columbia 30th St. Studio NYCBright MississippiMonkColumbiaCL 1965Monk's Dream1963A3
11/1/62Columbia 30th St. Studio NYCBa-lue Bolivar Ba-lues-are (as "Bolivar Blues")MonkColumbiaCL 1965Monk's Dream1963B1
11/2/62Columbia 30th St. Studio NYCMonk's DreamMonkColumbiaCL 1965Monk's Dream1963A1
11/2/62Columbia 30th St. Studio NYCJust a GigoloBrammer-Caesar-CasucciColumbiaCL 1965Monk's Dream1963B2
11/6/62Columbia 30th St. Studio NYCFive Spot BluesMonkColumbiaCL 1965Monk's Dream1963A4
11/6/62Columbia 30th St. Studio NYCSweet and LovelyArnheim-LeMare-TobiasColumbiaCL 1965Monk's Dream1963B4
11/6/62Columbia Studios NYCHackensackMonkColumbiaCL 2038Criss Cross1963A1
11/6/62Columbia Studios NYCRhythm-a-ningMonkColumbiaCL 2038Criss Cross1963B1
2/26/63Columbia Studios NYCTea for TwoYoumans-CaesarColumbiaCL 2038Criss Cross1963A2
2/26/63Columbia Studios NYCCriss CrossMonkColumbiaCL 2038Criss Cross1963A3
2/27/63Columbia Studios NYCEronelMonkColumbiaCL 2038Criss Cross1963A4
2/27/63Columbia Studios NYCDon't Blame MeMcHugh-FieldsColumbiaCL 2038Criss Cross1963B2
2/28/63Columbia Studios NYCThink of OneMonkColumbiaCL 2038Criss Cross1963B3
3/29/63Columbia Studios NYCCrepuscule with NellieMonkColumbiaCL 2038Criss Cross1963B4
5/21/63Sankei Hall TokyoEvidenceMonkColumbiaCL 2416Misterioso (Recorded on Tour)1966B4
7/4/63Newport Jazz FestivalNuttyMonkColumbiaCL 2178Miles & Monk at Newport1964B1
7/4/63Newport Jazz FestivalBlue MonkMonkColumbiaCL 2178Miles & Monk at Newport1964B2
7/4/63Newport Jazz FestivalLight BlueMonkColumbiaCL 2416Misterioso (Recorded on Tour)1966A3
12/30/63Lincoln Center NYCI Mean YouMonkColumbiaCL 2164Big Band and Quartet in Concert1964A1
12/30/63Lincoln Center NYCEvidenceMonkColumbiaCL 2164Big Band and Quartet in Concert1964A2
12/30/63Lincoln Center NYC(When It's) Darkness on the DeltaNeiburg-Livingston-SymesColumbiaCL 2164Big Band and Quartet in Concert1964A3
12/30/63Lincoln Center NYCOska TMonkColumbiaCL 2164Big Band and Quartet in Concert1964B1
12/30/63Lincoln Center NYCPlayed TwiceMonkColumbiaCL 2164Big Band and Quartet in Concert1964B2
12/30/63Lincoln Center NYCFour in OneMonkColumbiaCL 2164Big Band and Quartet in Concert1964B3
12/30/63Lincoln Center NYCEpistrophy (Theme)Monk-ClarkeColumbiaCL 2164Big Band and Quartet in Concert1964B4
12/30/63Lincoln Center NYCMisteriosoMonkColumbiaCL 2416Misterioso (Recorded on Tour)1966A2
1/29/64Columbia Studios NYCNice Work If You Can Get ItGershwin-GershwinColumbiaCL 2184It's Monk's Time1964B2
1/30/64Columbia Studios NYCStuffy TurkeyMonkColumbiaCL 2184It's Monk's Time1964A3
2/10/64Columbia Studios NYCLulu's Back in TownWarren-DubinColumbiaCL 2184It's Monk's Time1964A1
2/10/64Columbia Studios NYCBrake's SakeMonkColumbiaCL 2184It's Monk's Time1964B1
3/9/64Columbia Studios NYCMemories of YouBlake-RazafColumbiaCL 2184It's Monk's Time1964A2
3/9/64Columbia Studios NYCShuffle BoilMonkColumbiaCL 2184It's Monk's Time1964B3
3/9/64Columbia Studios NYCTeoMonkColumbiaCL 2291Monk1964B3
10/6/64Columbia Studios NYCLiza (All the Clouds'll Roll Away)Gershwin-Gershwin-KahnColumbiaCL 2291Monk1964A1
10/6/64Columbia Studios NYCI Love You (Sweetheart of All My Dreams)BerlinColumbiaCL 2291Monk1964A4
10/7/64Columbia Studios NYCThat Old ManTraditionalColumbiaCL 2291Monk1964A3
10/8/64Columbia Studios NYCApril in ParisDuke-HarburgColumbiaCL 2291Monk1964A2
10/8/64Columbia Studios NYCJust You, Just MeGreer-KlagesColumbiaCL 2291Monk1964B1
10/8/64Columbia Studios NYCPannonicaMonkColumbiaCL 2291Monk1964B2
10/31/64Los Angeles, CAI Surrender, DearClifford-BarrisColumbiaCL 2349Solo Monk1965A2
10/31/64Los Angeles, CASweet and LovelyArnheim-LeMare-TobiasColumbiaCL 2349Solo Monk1965A3
10/31/64Los Angeles, CANorth of the SunsetMonkColumbiaCL 2349Solo Monk1965A4
10/31/64Los Angeles, CAEverything Happens to MeDennis-AdairColumbiaCL 2349Solo Monk1965B2
10/31/64Los Angeles, CAI Should CareCahn-Stordahl-WestonColumbiaCL 2349Solo Monk1965B4
11/1/64The It Club LAI'm Getting Sentimental Over YouWashington-BassmanColumbiaCL 2416Misterioso (Recorded on Tour)1966A4
11/1/64The It Club LAAll the Things You AreKern-HammersteinColumbiaCL 2416Misterioso (Recorded on Tour)1966B1
11/2/64Los Angeles, CADinahAkst-Lewis-YoungColumbiaCL 2349Solo Monk1965A1
11/2/64Los Angeles, CAI'm Confessin'Daugherty-Neiburg-ReynoldsColumbiaCL 2349Solo Monk1965A6
11/2/64Los Angeles, CAI Hadn't Anyone Till YouNobleColumbiaCL 2349Solo Monk1965B1
11/2/64Los Angeles, CAMonk's PointMonkColumbiaCL 2349Solo Monk1965B3
11/2/64Los Angeles, CAThese Foolish ThingsLink-Marvell-StracheyColumbiaCL 2349Solo Monk1965B6
11/4/64Jazz Workshop SFBemsha SwingMonk-BestColumbiaCL 2416Misterioso (Recorded on Tour)1966B3
2/23/65Columbia Studios NYCAsk Me NowMonkColumbiaCL 2349Solo Monk1965B5
2/27/65Brandeis University, MAWell, You Needn'tMonkColumbiaCL 2416Misterioso (Recorded on Tour)1966A1
3/2/65Columbia Studios NYCRuby, My DearMonkColumbiaCL 2349Solo Monk1965A5
11/14/66Columbia 30th St. Studio NYCI Didn't Know About YouEllingtonColumbiaCL 2651Straight, No Chaser1967A2
11/15/66Columbia 30th St. Studio NYCLocomotiveMonkColumbiaCL 2651Straight, No Chaser1967A1
1/10/67Columbia 30th St. Studio NYCStraight, No ChaserMonkColumbiaCL 2651Straight, No Chaser1967A3
1/10/67Columbia 30th St. Studio NYCJapanese Folk Song (Koujou No Tsuki)TraditionalColumbiaCL 2651Straight, No Chaser1967B1
1/10/67Columbia 30th St. Studio NYCBetween the Devil and the Deep Blue SeaArlen-KoehlerColumbiaCL 2651Straight, No Chaser1967B2
1/10/67Columbia 30th St. Studio NYCWe SeeMonkColumbiaCL 2651Straight, No Chaser1967B3
12/14/67Columbia Studios NYCUgly BeautyMonkColumbiaCS 9632Underground1968A2
12/14/67Columbia Studios NYCGreen ChimneysMonkColumbiaCS 9632Underground1968B2
12/21/67Columbia Studios NYCBoo Boo's BirthdayMonkColumbiaCS 9632Underground1968A4
2/14/68Columbia Studios NYCTheloniousMonkColumbiaCS 9632Underground1968A1
2/14/68Columbia Studios NYCRaise FourMonkColumbiaCS 9632Underground1968A3
2/14/68Columbia Studios NYCEasy StreetJonesColumbiaCS 9632Underground1968B1
2/14/68Columbia Studios NYCIn Walked BudMonk-HendricksColumbiaCS 9632Underground1968B3
11/19/68Hollywood, CALet's Cool OneMonkColumbiaCS 9806Monk's Blues1969A1
11/19/68Hollywood, CAReflectionsMonkColumbiaCS 9806Monk's Blues1969A2
11/19/68Hollywood, CALittle Rootie TootieMonkColumbiaCS 9806Monk's Blues1969A3
11/19/68Hollywood, CAMonk's PointMonkColumbiaCS 9806Monk's Blues1969B2
11/19/68Hollywood, CAStraight, No ChaserMonkColumbiaCS 9806Monk's Blues1969B4
11/20/68Hollywood, CAJust a Glance at LoveMaceroColumbiaCS 9806Monk's Blues1969A4
11/20/68Hollywood, CABrilliant CornersMonkColumbiaCS 9806Monk's Blues1969A5
11/20/68Hollywood, CAConsecutive SecondsMaceroColumbiaCS 9806Monk's Blues1969B1
11/20/68Hollywood, CATrinkle, TinkleMonkColumbiaCS 9806Monk's Blues1969B3
?The Village Gate NYCHoneysuckle RoseWaller-RazafColumbiaCL 2416Misterioso (Recorded on Tour)1966B2

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