Deep Groove Mono Welcomes Our Newest Contributor, Charles Strong

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together and give a warm welcome to our new contributor, Charles Strong of West Hartford, Connecticut! A Louisiana native, Charles grew up in a house filled with the sounds of his father’s collection of jazz and latin records. Charles grew up liking a lot of different kinds of music, then one day he had an inkling to hear some vibes. So he dug through his Dad’s collection, found Bags & Trane, and “had an orgasm over the title track”. He then set out on a quest to find the ultimate version of the album on vinyl, which then sparked his passion for collecting. Today Charles’ favorites include Sonny Rollins, Joe Henderson, Ike Quebec, McCoy Tyner, and virtuoso bassists like Paul Chambers and Richard Davis.

I met Charles through the blog. He sent me an email and we ended up digging together in NYC. I immediately had a ton of respect for how much he knew about the music and the records, and I identified with his attention to detail. We stayed in touch and got together several times for listening sessions, then a couple months ago I was feeling torn between the blog and other spare-time pursuits, so I thought it would be great to have some help with the writing. I knew Charles had some great records to cover so I didn’t hesitate to reach out.

Though our kinship is founded in our similar taste in music, I am excited that Charles will be bringing a fresh perspective to Deep Groove Mono and in the process expanding the variety of jazz we cover. Check out his first post on Sonny Rollins, Volume 2 at the link below!

LINK: Vinyl Spotlight: Sonny Rollins, Volume 2 (Liberty Mono Pressing)