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Deep Groove Mono and the Great Groove Width Mystery

Before stereo sounded the death knell of the mono format in the late 1960s, mono records were made with the intention of being played with a conical stylus measuring one thousandth of an inch, also known as 1 “mil”, at its longest radius. On the other hand, stereo records have always been made for styli with a smaller, more modern… More→

Post Update: “Groove Wear: The Elephant in the Record Store”

At the request of a couple passionate Deep Groove Mono readers, we have updated and expanded our article on groove wear to include sources and many other goodies. Mainly, there was a counterclaim that vintage cartridges did not track above 5 grams. Admittedly, this original claim of mine was more of a conjecture that lacked hard… More→

Deep Groove Mono Is Removing Comments from Posts

There’s something about the Internet that has a tendency to bring out the worst in people, namely prejudice, close-mindedness, and personal attacks in instances where a simple, respectful debate would do. In light of this and several disheartening exchanges I’ve had with other collectors of late, Deep Groove Mono has decided to… More→

Vinyl Spotlight: Thelonious Monk, Misterioso (Recorded on Tour) (Columbia 2416) [Original Mono Pressing]

As big of a Thelonious Monk fan as I am, I don’t collect original pressings of Monk LPs. There are several reasons for this: 1. Some of Monk’s most inspired recordings were for Blue Note in the late ’40s and early ’50s. As a result, they are not high-fidelity and I don’t find myself seeking out older recordings like this on vinyl. 2. Though Monk’s… More→