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Vinyl Spotlight: Lee Morgan, The Cooker (Original Mono Pressing)

A while ago I happened upon the YouTube channel of “KoolKatJazz”, a collector who takes pride in finding cheap original pressings of vintage jazz records that, while perhaps grade VG or lower, sound great at times nonetheless. Being a collector on a pretty strict budget made me think that this might be a collecting strategy I might want to… More→

Deep Groove Mono Is Removing Comments from Posts

There’s something about the Internet that has a tendency to bring out the worst in people, namely prejudice, close-mindedness, and personal attacks in instances where a simple, respectful debate would do. In light of this and several disheartening exchanges I’ve had with other collectors of late, Deep Groove Mono has decided to… More→

Vinyl Spotlight: Lou Donaldson, Gravy Train (Original Mono Pressing)

This is the fourth original mono pressing of this album I’ve owned. Why would I be so persistent for this album? While the title track is one of my all-time favorite soul jazz numbers, the truth is I’m not a huge fan of this album in its entirety, and I’ve largely pursued an original so diligently because I love the album cover so much. Lou… More→

Vinyl Spotlight: Johnny Coles, Little Johnny C (Original Mono Pressing)

I’m sure you guys get tired of me saying “this is one of my favorite albums” but I’m saying it again, deal with it! Song for song, start to finish, this is a brilliantly executed body of work, and session pianist Duke Pearson deserves the lion’s share of the credit. As composer of five of the album’s six tracks, Little Johnny C demonstrates… More→