Deep Groove Mono Is Removing Comments from Posts

There’s something about the Internet that has a tendency to bring out the worst in people, namely prejudice, close-mindedness, and personal attacks in instances where a simple, respectful debate would do. In light of this and several disheartening exchanges I’ve had with other collectors of late, Deep Groove Mono has decided to remove comments from the site.

I think my propensity toward the rigors of mathematics and logic has influenced me to approach our hobby with an intensity that can be misconstrued when computer screens stand in the way. That being said, I admit that I have always struggled with reading too much into things and letting my emotions get the best of me in the face of opposition. Since I began discussing record collecting online about six years ago though, I have become increasingly aware of an unofficial Internet code of conduct called “netiquette” and have accordingly worked to be cordial, reasonable, and impersonal in my online engagements.

I often wonder: Would someone project such a hostile, condescending tone in person? I also wonder if our knowledge that “everyone is watching” — the case in comments sections and forums — can sometimes influence us to argue more defensibly and with a greater sense of pride than we might one-on-one. This is why I prefer email to public discourse, and if anyone wants to get in touch with me, my email address is on the About page.

In closing, I would like to include two key points from the Encyclopedia Britannica article on netiquette as a reminder of best practices when communicating on the Internet:

Remember the Human. Communicating via computers tends to lead people to lose sight of the feelings of, or to be insensitive to, others; consequently, users tend to be more blunt in stating their views than they probably would be face-to-face. Users need to be reminded that although they are communicating online, they are nevertheless dealing with real people who have real emotions.

Avoid Flames. A flame is a message that contains strong personal criticism or attack. Users are advised not to engage in flaming or participate in flame wars. One should treat others the same way that one would like to be treated, and profanity is not good netiquette. A rational tone and a polite manner are preferred.

Thanks to all the readers of Deep Groove Mono who have maintained a friendly, polite tone in their correspondence even in instances of disagreement, and my apologies that our future communications must now be made via email.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get back to the records. There’s a new batch of Vinyl Spotlight posts coming right up so stay tuned!